Full Moon As The Rotating Door For Us To Bring Light Into 4D Matrix And More

3/20/15 We have lived through very powerful transformational energies which are pushing every one to their limits. Solar flares hitting us hard, planetary alignments and lunar eclipse at the time of the full moon and spring equinox. Pushed to change and transform from outside and our inner realm is experiencing exactly the same.We are experiencing […]

Divine Mother shares a little about Divine Union Force

12/13/14 Among the greatest miracles of life, we are about to witness the greatest miracle. The miracle of the full presence in spirit and manifestation of Divine Mother. It has taken the entire age of creation for such happening to take place. The complete merging of the awakening codes of Divine Father and Divine Mother. […]

The Lover and the Companion

12/7/14 I have noticed as the power and the love of the Divine Feminine brings balance to life and as women become empowered we as men need to learn to be in balance and in love with the Divine Masculine. We need to rise to embrace this miracle of life. I have witnessed in the […]

The Art of Love Making and Women as the Flower of life

11/14/14 Here I am sharing and aspect of who I am and how amazing and wonderful I know and see women to be. Every single experience has led me to the greatest discovery of all. My direct connection and merging with my Higher Self and even the higher aspect of such. This article applies to […]

Message of Love from Ascended Masters

10/31/14 Hello my dear family, I welcome you and share with you this new message of love. Be aware I bring new revolutionary information that is outside of main channeling sources. What I bring sometimes requires a big leap of faith. Yet only take what resonates with you and discard the rest. Every moment in […]

Introducing Yeshua’s Higher-self

10/30/14 I am sharing with much love and humility, this new message I received from someone very dear to me. Keep an open heart and do not focus on mere words but the powerful force behind them. Love, Jose Over two thousand years ago I was sent by the Father to change the world. Much […]

Sacred Fire Technique/Meditation

Sacred Fire Breath Pardon any grammar errors now more than ever but I just had to get this technique to you fresh off the press. Today the 23rd of October has been extremely busy at every level. At a physical level it found me clearing old documents and attachments to past relationships. At an emotional […]