Life is how We manifest Our True Selves. 

One thing to remember, each one of us is a sovereign being. As such we can manifest ourselves according to our focus and attention. Love is the only way to manifest the deep change and healing we need as a collective. 

We must focus our intention to what matters, a conscious way of living. We are here to evolve and there are times that uncertainty of what’s to come, can propel us deeper and closer to our own divinity. We are moving ever so close to our truth. 

Disclosure is imminent and to be honest with you, the only disclosure I surely await is the one moment when humanity unveils itself. When we as a whole realize how truly power we really are. How our emotions are being used as a weapon against us, when we can simply disconnect from the mental and emotional abuse taking place by the media and all that’s being portrayed as good or bad. 

Bring peace back into yourself and in doing so peace will manifest all around. It is a simple law of creation. The law of one is fully in effect now, more than ever. After all we are moving into unity consciousness. It can be as simple as changing your clothes. 

Breathe and realize yourselves as the creators you all are. Remember we are but a simple breath away from self realization. As such be and feel free to simply be, at every shade of your existence. 

My love to all of you, for your courage, my gratitude for all your uncertainty, and Divine Grace to your hearts. 
I Am Creation

Wake up, open your eyes. 

Wash your face and look in the mirror. 

Look into your eyes and look into my eyes. 

Holy blessing bestowed upon you every instant always and forever. 

Child of light, creator of love, light weaver, anchor of the Holy self. 

Eternal companion, giver of life. 

You are my child, you are my abode! 

Transcendence of thought into the Holy Thought and one with the Eternal Mind. 

Peace, I am peace. 

Love, I am love. 

Life, I am life. 

Know me as you know yourself. 

Be as I am. 

Soar infinite self, beyond the specks of majestic stars. 

Expand into the expansiveness of the eternal void where true light resides. 
I reside within you

You reside with me 

The beating of a unified heart. 

Child I am that rhythm in the loving moment between the self. 

Light give way to the eternal void. 

Existence, I am Existence

I know you as I am 

I am Creation.


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