As a Master Healer of Universal White Time, I have connected with beings from higher realms who brought forth new healing modalities for me to share with Humanity.  These include: spatial healing, genesis / new light, holy light and zero point. These modalities were given to me through a succession of channeling sessions with highly advanced light beings, and these are very new and highly effective ways to work on a variety of issues such as karma, belief systems, mind re-patterning, re-birthing into original blueprints, working with undifferentiated source of energies to undo duality misalignments, removing ET interference / ET implants, detaching from mind-control structures and systems etc. There are a few modalities that I practice that I learnt from others, such as Universal White Time Healing, Beyond Healing, Healing Touch, Seraphim Angels Healing.

Please browse the following blog sections for sessions & products that will benefit your health, wellbeing and spiritual growth:

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