Spiritual Services

Personalized Symbol for Spiritual Growth – This symbol will be channeled using vibrational light language and will be drawn through guidance of your Higher Self. This symbol can significantly help you increase your spiritual perspective through meditating on it, holding it, and by doing that you can tap into higher energies and aspects of their multidimensional selves. It is a spiritual energy activation that brings an infusion of light into your body. Through regular use it can considerably increase your vibrational frequency. It is good to have it engraved into personal objects, drawn on your skin, or even tatooed. This symbol can come with your vibrational name or activation phrase. If guided by spirit, it can come with short explanation what it means.
Price: $55.00 | Order Now

Universal White Time 10000+ Special Upgrade is done for anyone who wants to remove blockages and receive spiritual opening. It’s like receiving a dose of 10000 AHA moments. It’s a spiritual growth tool and this upgrade can be done remotely, or through skype
Price: $55.00 | Book Now

The Signs from Board of Knowledge 1-5 for spiritual growth -This unique Knowledge gives me an opportunity to open people for their unique Spiritual Evolvement and Growth, in the exact right direction for that individual. The Board of Knowledge works individually for everyone and everything, because we are all unique and we all have our individual gifts in life. By receiving Holy Signs from The Board of Knowledge, everyone and everything can blossom in the best way, including our beloved animals and nature and Mother Earth.
There are five boards total and currently I’m giver of 1-5, you will receive signs accordingly from all of the boards if need. Each board works at different level.

Board 1 is more physical

Board 2 is more for the emotional and psychological

Board 3 works with time and space and the soul and spirit

Board 4 works with spirit and divine forces and energies

Board 5 Works with everything in existence ad has the qualities of Holiness.

There will be a short explanation as to what the boards really are and what they offer.

With an open heart comes and opened mind. Come an experience a rare knowledge that has the power to change lives.A very advanced and sophisticated way of growing and advancing in your spirituality. The signs are almost like a mini-initiation that can be given in person or remotely and creates a spiritual opening for you. It brings about resolutions, solutions, assists situations & relationships. It’s almost like receiving the Absolute Thought of God.
Price: $75.00 | Book Now

Chakra / Merkaba Re-patterning with the Blessing of Babaji – This can be done through distance too, but it is very powerful technique when in person. You will have all chakras re-patterned through creation of a living merkaba at the very core of each chakra. It also does 500 point energetic grid re-alignment and re-structuring which increases the light quotient of the body. Babaji himself will come and bless you through energy transmission.
Price: $88.00 | Book Now

Beyond Healing to Heal the Separation from True Source – Source beyond Source, is a session that bring and anchors the rays of Who You Are, the aspects of your Multi-Dimensional Self from the Holy Divine Structure, the Source of Our God & Creation. You might get your vibrational name and vibrational symbol channeled and drawn if your multi-dimensional self allows.
Price: $155.00 | Book Now

Reconnection with Absolute You Session – in this session you get to experience the full aspect of Who You Are and all the way to the Absolute You (as a complete self). Side-effects of this can be extreme joy and understanding of yourself.
Price: $111.00 | Book Now

Human Liberation Template from Elohim – this session consists of two steps. The first step takes you through releasing of the crown of slavery and oppression: Annunaki codes, blueprints, programs, missions, DNA encodings of slavery, subjectivity to higher power, holograms, and programs of dis-empowerment. In the second step you receive a crown of unification through the councils of Elohim connecting you with the Absolute Love of Unity. This can be done in two separate sessions as two separate steps.
Price: $111.00 | Book Now Step 1 | Book Now Step 2


To arrange a session please visit absoluteradiance.acuityscheduling.com.

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