Ever since I can remember I have always lived from the heart. I hold within me a great desire to be of service and as an intuitive healer, teacher and channel I bring all of my skills as an explorer an innovator in energy work to assist in understanding your self and bring you to the highest level of self love you are willing to commit to achieving.

My life has taken so many turns and it has led me to a greater understanding of what true living is about. I have taken every experience whether it was a “bad” one or a “good” one I have always taken them as a way to understand myself and my inner works in order to have a different and yet direct approach at being in my greatest joy. I naturally have since I can remember worked with energy and I now see how it is a natural process for everyone and all is needed is a reminder and a way to channel creativity and healing. I have been blessed in studying under great teacher who had the same intention and approach as I have, which is to empower people and to help them understand that each one of us are our greatest healers.

My tools include my intuition, energy upgrades through activations or transmissions of light. Universal White Time Healing is by far one of the most powerful ways to help accelerate growth in an easy yet powerful manner. The Board of Knowledge is a wonderful spiritual upgrade that leads you into the perfect path in your life. Beyond Healing also known as Holy Divine Structure Healing is a way to reconnect and heal the separation between the human self and the highest aspect of who we are all the way to our original source.
I am also channeling and creating my own energy healing, Zero Point Healing a form of energy that resets the body and its energy and it is like a form of rebirth. Spatial Healing is a way to rearrange and recalibrate and re-pattern the energy field and the body’s energy grid. Holy Light Healing is a divinely inspired healing and has great use all the way from the physical to the spiritual. Whether a full chakra clearing and balancing, or aura clearing, or simply a relaxing session you are looking for, I will always give the best of me, and that is my promise and my way of life.

Many have forgotten what it is like to feel your own energy, to feel love and compassion at the greatest level. Some have forgotten what it is like to be in the heart and to be fully present in the now. Through removal of old programming and blocks and through helping you see past self, and outside interference that a greater positive balance can be reached in day-to-day life. It is through energy upgrades, healing sessions and even teaching you energy healing that an infinite level of self-love and inner peace can be achieved.

I am following my joy and it is through loving and understanding my own life that I provide my greatest service. I invite you to embark in the greatest journey to self-reconciliation, to self-forgiveness and self-love. I wish to remind you that you are not alone in your journey and in your path to self-discovery and discovering the joy of living and loving.


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    HI Jose, I love love love your work. BTW – great picture of you on the site, too. Best wishes for your work to reach far and wide. Namaste dear one. Yours truly, Karen M

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