Products Offered:

  •  Board of Knowledge Set of Waters (4): Water for Spiritual Awakening (1 bottle), Emotional Clearing (1), Physical Activations (1), Removal of Detrimental Energies (1)
  • Beyond Energy Candles (Beeswax Candles): Christ Force Candle, Violet Flame Candle, Female Christ Platinum Ray Candle, Raphael Green Ray Candle. Candles also can be charged based on individual needs. Energy is extremely powerful and lights you into a higher frequency. Good to meditate with.
  • Frequency Upgrades and Activations through Symbols (Vibrational Language). You will receive in the mail a symbol that you can meditate with, touch, hold, put on your body to achieve the effect. Each symbol is a programmed vibration that your body takes in and goes through spiritual metamorphosis.


  1. Rebeca Krause says

    Hi Jose
    I know a young man that really could use someone to help him understand why his life is so disturbed by so many negative effects.
    Do you speak Spanish? He will need to work with someone that can comunicate with him in Spanish.
    Let me know. My email is

    Thank you, all the best

    Rebeca Bendahan Krause

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