We Are All Human After All. Codes of Joyous Self Realization

I saw your reflection deep within my heart. I stared deep into your eyes and I knew then, I loved you so.  You beckoned for me to approach you and in an instant I found myself embraced by the deepest love.  You whispered with reverence “I am the deepest love, I am your Holy self.”  […]

Full Moon As The Rotating Door For Us To Bring Light Into 4D Matrix And More

3/20/15 We have lived through very powerful transformational energies which are pushing every one to their limits. Solar flares hitting us hard, planetary alignments and lunar eclipse at the time of the full moon and spring equinox. Pushed to change and transform from outside and our inner realm is experiencing exactly the same.We are experiencing […]

One Hundred Steps to loving life and living in Gratitude

One Hundred Steps to loving life and living in gratitude In truth the only step is soul living. Living from the purest perfection of the soul and our spirit, created in the image of wonderful amazing being known as love. We have been given the greatest gift and the ability to experience the most amazing […]

Love is our True Awareness, our True Consciousness

1/23/15 The simplicity and the beauty of the soul are aspects so pure and beyond the scope of explanation. The awareness and the consciousness that comes in limited and unlimited capacities are part of the intricacies of our design. Through the ages awareness, consciousness and beingness have been pondered and explored to the highest possibilities […]

Connecting with Divine Knowing

Connecting with Divine Knowing If we are willing and ready to transcend, connecting with our divine knowing and with the divine knowing of the All is key as we can overcome the misunderstanding of the self. Our design is a beautiful design. we have tools that can be used to overcome the illusions and programming […]

Update on Unification of Light and The Field of Absolute Potential/Light Symbol

1/21/15 Hello my dear family, So much has been taking place and we have all been pushed to our breaking point in order to transform into greater beings of light as our light bodies expand. It is my honor and pleasure to share my insights and messages as I receive them. My wish is to […]

I Am The Divine Masculine

1/18/15 I Am the Divine Masculine As the new golden era of the Divine Feminine dawns upon us, we are witnessing extreme changes in the energetic make up. One of them being the change into crystalline DNA ,a process that is slow but certain. We are constantly moving forward in our journey of discovery and […]

The Layer of the control program around Mother Earth Needs to be dissolved

1/4/15 Hello my dear family, I took time to enjoy the holidays and time with my loved ones. The new energies and forces and the presence of divine feminine was felt strong and simply beautiful. Hope you all got to enjoy all the shifts up to this point. Here’s some of my soul wisdom and […]