I Am The Divine Masculine


I Am the Divine Masculine

As the new golden era of the Divine Feminine dawns upon us, we are witnessing extreme changes in the energetic make up. One of them being the change into crystalline DNA ,a process that is slow but certain. We are constantly moving forward in our journey of discovery and of embracing the aspect of the divine that has for far too long been oppressed and kept from flourishing as it needed to.

One can argue that all is in divine order, and in so many ways yes it is. At the same time there have been forces that have kept the natural unfoldment of such energies to a slow and tedious one. We are now finally remembering the power behind the creative force known as Divine Mother. She is the carrier of the original Force of creation but also the one who gave birth to to existence. We must all honor the divine within us specially the divine feminine who has come to bring the necessary balance to the overly abused Divine Masculine.

Divine Masculine the very powerful essence and force we all carry. It is used to embrace the manifesting power of the feminine. The masculine in its pure form is extremely powerful yet gentle. Humanity, specially men have forgotten the basic power and beauty of the masculine essence. It was to be stable, grounding yet very gentle. In its balanced state it is very nurturing as much as the love of a mother would be. It is all embracing and direct in its approach, and it unfolds through the gentleness of the loving heart.

In our society being sensitive has been shunned for a very long time as it was labeled as a weakness. It is for that very reason that men tend to be more closed hearted and even closed minded when it comes to sharing affection and love to other men. To show love to another man is viewed as homosexuality by many. In fact homosexuals are deemed to be very feminine in their behavior, perhaps not all behave feminine like. I feel and believe what has been termed to be effeminate behavior or characteristics are the softer aspects of the masculine searching for balance. The masculine has been abused and it is also wishing to find its own balance apart from the balance brought forth by the feminine energy.

Balancing the masculine and the divine masculine is very crucial in our current state. We must bring it to balance and allow it to show its softer yet more powerful side. In its softer qualities it is also very creative, it possesses a creativity unlike that of the feminine aspects. Also when we manage to balance the masculine and the feminine we become different and whole. We become different in the sense that not one aspect is stronger than the other which reminds me of the yin and the yang. Both containing and supporting the other in complete divine harmony.

We must remember when we balance both masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves, we become opened and willing to receive the greatest love we are to experience. Such a great love can be felt and experienced through the loving embrace of the self and of the Twin Flame. There is a beautiful reaction that takes place when we reach the balanced state of the two polarities, which in fact aren’t so different after all.

Last year I was lucky to experience the effects of being in a balanced state, it was beautiful yet confusing as I had no clue what was happening to me. For months I had been experiencing an unbalanced emotional state, and I kept on working with my feminine side which only exacerbated my emotional state. I finally came to realize that in my deep devotion to Divine Mother I had been concentrating so much on the divine feminine that I had neglected my divine masculine.

I came to realize striving to balance both is the greatest service we can do to the self. Our masculine side can be a powerful tool for manifestation. I also saw the beauty and felt the energy of how the masculine and the feminine were intended to be. Connecting with my twin flame in spirit at first showed me a new dimension of what balance really meant. One of the keys to manifesting the merging of the twin flames is to also be in balance as individual beings.

When we address the weaknesses within our selves we begin to bring forth the harmonious balance of the heart. The heart is the seat of the polarities in conjunction with our brain/mind. Having a balanced heart merged with the directional power of the mind opens an unlimited number of doors. We then begin to open the combined forces to access multidimensional realities. I begun to understand my imbalance when I lost my direction and my sense of life. I felt lost and without direction, not realizing I was heading towards the greatest discovery. I discovered my Divine Masculine.

Through my words may you be inspired to decree from the bottom of your hearts the greatest truth of the soul, We are whole and we are as one.

I Am The Divine Masculine

I embraced you with the full power of my form.
I love you with the perfection of the soul.
I am softness and magnificence manifested in the light of dawn.

Dancing in the perfection of the burning fire.
Creating the burning motion of purity.
Flowing in the dance of the creative soul, in love I aspire.

Solitude in the grandest display of self.
Embarking in the greatest discovery of plenitude.
Abundant is the light within the endless space as I journey in solitude.

I am light abound, limitless in the eternal dance.
I am your power,
I am your king,
I am yours to command.

Powerful and free as the burning fire of the phoenix
Majestic and wise as the gallant dragon of yore.
Winged beauty, valiant knight
Chivalrous is my heart as I lay it before thee

Godly in essence
Focused as the holy fire of love
In love I remember the dance of the divine spark
Here and now I must say unto you
“I Am the Divine Masculine”


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