Realizing Ourselves as God 

Realizing ourselves as God. 
“I am God, you are God, we are God. ”
As many of us have closed or are near closing a rough and or difficult phase in our lives ,we are reminded, indeed how magnificent we are! As God we are a birth less,eternal expression of love. We are as life, the truth of the ever changing and eternally expansion of love. 
In my life I have experienced countless acts of kindness and love and at the same time I have experienced myself as love. I have also been challenged to the brink of loosing myself and I have experienced pain through my ignorance of who I really was and who I am . Yet every moment when I felt I would loose my will and I would loose myself I found a calling deep within my soul to search for my truth. 
Through my adventures of life I have noticed the one basic constant, I am always in motion and in a state of constant change. The realization of such a truth has led me to many battles within myself; one being that I’m not my belief systems and I am not my thoughts, and yet through it all as much as I understood about myself I still knew nothing about the real ME. 
As I understood that although I have lived in this body for many decades, I truly did not understand who I was. In my subconscious there was a program ,a thought form and a belief system that limited me to the point of absurdity. I had believed myself to be a mere powerless human. 
Yet, I felt and I could feel a different aspect of myself. One who would lead me to challenge myself over and over and each time it would create conflict. Who I thought myself to be, would go into pain and into hopelessness, in feeling helpless I felt  abandoned. 
Why was I in conflict, and how could I transform a mere human into a God?  Two of the countless questions I would ask myself over and over. I also understood through it all, God is love and I never believed myself a sinner as I was pummeled by my religion to believe. 
We are all born with a sense of wonder and a sense of love for all and for everything. Through limited belief systems we begin to loose our inherent innocence. We more so begin to forget our true identity. 
Life wishes to remind us of our true potential and our true state of being. In our forgetfulness we fight for control of life, we fight the universe itself in our limited belief that we are only the body or the mind. Hard as we try we can never truly deny our divinity. 
With humility comes acceptance and understanding. Ah a lesson for me that was a hard pill to swallow. I needed to be humbled enough to comprehend the extent of my egotistical belief that at one point I knew it all. In fact now as I understand I know nothing at all and in that nothingness I have experienced the All. 
I had to accept the limitations and the helplessness I was creating for myself. Once accepted, I began to love and allow myself to be vulnerable enough to let into my life my true divine identity. I have to admit at first it wasn’t t easy and through the decades I struggled to let in my simple truth. 
Moving fast forward to a year I had recently perceived to be the worst year of my life, 2015. I experienced extreme challenges and it included the pain of letting go and the joy of letting God. I had to look so deep, the sense of self was lost and I had to be at peace with not knowing who I was for a period of time.
I am grateful through it all I have had the much needed support, I  needed in order to not give into despair. I also have had the pleasure of being challenged and to move beyond any and all belief systems by the presence and love of my beloved. She has been a teacher unlike any other and she is still teaching me through the challenge she is facing herself. 
In moments of despair, of pain and sadness do we choose to give up or do we choose to allow love to give us the strength to go on ?  Time and time again as I felt I would  give up and let go, I found the love, the true love to go on.

 I met my true self and I was introduced to a truly amazing being; me as God! 
I chose to die to my old self and a birth to an incredible life is now taking place. As God I have no limits and as God I wish to tell you all ” We are all God.” We are only a choice away and for me the choice is love! 

What are you choosing in your life? 
As love I choose to be of the greatest service to all. I choose to love and I choose through that love a life filled with joy and wonders. I choose to once again bring you this reminder, you can choose your reality. 
We are amidst the greatest state of revolution and evolution humanity has ever experienced. We are amidst cosmic, galactic, universal and creational transformation. As such many if not all are experiencing the so called Ascension symptoms. Now do we really need to experience painful and difficult symptoms as the Earth’s frequency and therefore ours rises or do we simply enjoy the divine flow of life?  Being in divine flow will permit us to swiftly move into our true state of being. 
Ahhh and what an incredible feeling it is to flow in the most powerful direction of life, we manifested as God. To feel a love so divine, so beautiful it moves you into absolute gratitude, that’s how it feels. To choose our joy and our reality is our gift. 
We are divine inheritance and as such we are powerful creator Gods. We are free to be and to expand in our highest potential. Remembrance is the name of our game. 
Now it is time for us to enjoy rediscovering our godhood. The exquisite joy that comes from remembering your true power, which is within our hearts and connected to our higher selves will give you the perspective to enjoy life. Life takes deeper dimensions and reality becomes clearer and sweeter. 
Love and live your self and your life to the fullest. Your frequency will shift and all things around you will become easier and will flow beautifully and with ease. You will change and so will your vibration and frequency. You will then have the hands of God. 
Enjoy your journey in the sweetest creation you are. Choose to be your highest potential and claim yourself as God. 

I am God. 


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