Update on Unification of Light and The Field of Absolute Potential/Light Symbol


Hello my dear family,

So much has been taking place and we have all been pushed to our breaking point in order to transform into greater beings of light as our light bodies expand. It is my honor and pleasure to share my insights and messages as I receive them. My wish is to always share the best messages and encoded activations as my light allows to infuse in every word and symbol I share.

We are entering one of the most beautiful phases in the Unification of light that started on the 22nd of September in 2014. The Divine Union Force is more and more prevalent as it manifests at our dimensional level. We are witnessing the birth of the new and exciting possibilities the new forces are manifesting. We are also having more and more access to this new forces that will allow us to activate and to integrate greater light into our cellular structure.

The process is a slow and steady awakening of the inner core of the cellular structure. It started as a tone and now it is manifesting at the string level of our physicality. Many are already starting to show in their auras the new hues in color that this new light is activating within the self. The number of chakras has increased exponentially. The basic 7 chakra system is becoming more and more obsolete. Our energy system is very intricate and beautiful now as it manifests the new possibilities as our soul-spark becomes active.

The Soul- Spark is a new quality being birthed within our souls. In the past my teacher talked about the soul-spark which seemed a far possibility and now here we are. This new spark will give us access to the upper levels of our reality and into the new dimensions from 5D on. We will also begin to notice the greater qualities of our 3D reality and will begin to realize how amazingly beautiful this level is as well. We have seemed to forget or to have overlooked this magnificent reality we exist in.

What is happening is that we are beginning to make the best of our 3D reality as we begin to be inspired by the new frequencies of 5D. We are finally seeing the upper portions and vibrations of 3D which has been underrated by most. If you think about it what has made this reality difficult t times isn’t simply the disconnect or separation as it is something we can overcome. The issue has been the control program run by the handlers and the oppressing monetary system they set in place to keep most from achieving their full potential. We are slowly rising from the control system. It has been an arduous journey but we are beginning to see the light.

A form of nuclear fusion is taking place at our lower levels. It is the mirroring of the merging of the divine masculine and the divine feminine sacred codes through the Great Central Suns. Our bodies are showing new qualities, new aspects and new gifts. The new children being born are encoded with such high energies. The new children are beyond the known crystal children and the indigos. They carry a more complete and pearlescent metallic qualities to their energy fields.

As the new energies manifest and we are brought closer to our divinity reality will begin to behave and interact differently. As difficult as it has been it is starting to show by the constant denial of humanity to accept the false flags and the lies that used to work so well in the past. Consciously or unconsciously most of humanity is becoming resilient to the tactics of control.

In reality and in essence we are simply changing perception and clearing and removing the veils of illusion. Except this time it is being done at a very large scale. After eons and eons of time the control system is being dismantled for good as it no longer has a value for growth.

Recently as I meditated I connected to a beautiful and powerful yet unknown energy. I wrote an article and a poem which I called the Sun of Unknown Possibilities. We have entered a stage of so many qualities and forces and vibration that the opportunities for growth are as much as all the possibilities and the unknown possibilities combined .
We need to keep our focus in the reality of potential. There is indeed an essence and a force of Potential or potentiality to create and manifest in a tremendous and powerful form by simply connecting to the Absolute Potential. When we begin to asses the energies there is indeed undifferentiated Source and it is there we can find the Absolute Potential.

The Divine Union Force, not to be confused with the divine union of twin flames by the way is the new frequency that can help as access the field of Absolute Potentiality. In the past creation and co-creation was an extremely beautiful field of energy and vibration that was readily available to all of us. The frequencies were a bit more difficult to connect with due to the levels of limitations including the quarantine we were in. Now and from this day forth we have a greater access due to the bridging and connecting power of the Divine Union Force.

Many beings at every layer of existence are  starting to merge with their mates as they are already tapping into the Divine Union Force which in turn is allowing them to see the larger scale of the field of Absolute Potential. When we find the potentiality to life, light, love and existence we open to infinite opportunities ad possibilities galore.

As they are now beginning to embody and function to the new energies and forces the domino effect or the trickling down has already begun to manifest into our reality. That is happening in conjunction to the direct field of energy being directed towards us key players in the golden ascension.

Due to the manifesting of the Divine Union Force many people are now beginning to find their mates and their better match in this life time. You will see a lot more marriages take place and more couples expressing love and people simply falling in love as they start to recognize the beauty that is within. February will indeed be the month of Love this year and in fact the entire year will be coded with the energy of love. The new codes of love will start to resonate stronger and stronger and more and more people will demand peaceful living. We will witness the fall of many old systems, including the financial trap. We are approaching the end of many phases and the beginning of many new forms of behavior and ways for humans to interact and behave. Light is becoming more and more apparent  and the manifestation of purity is now here at hand. We will in fact witness great changes in living, and great planetary changes which will happen in a more harmonious and peaceful manner rather than the gloom and doom predictions of timelines ago.

The symbol below when taken through the eyes or the hands, specially the hands can encode your light body with the new templates of Absolute Potential through the Unification of Light. Enjoy and feel free to use in any way you feel guided to do for the highest good.

Everything here is copy righted but feel free to share as long as you share the source. Absoluteradicance.net



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