The Legend of the Atoned Twinflames

The Legend of The Atoned Angels ( Twin flames)

Traveling through time a space and both feel a tremendous pull. An attraction to a force, seen and known yet existing in different shape this time. Powerful beings taking different roads and roles in the ever searching direction, towards each other. To live and to love.

Traveling distances at the speed of god, moving through dimensions. Taking high roles of divine angelic rings and realms and then taking “lowly” roles as humans. When they both blessed and entered a beautiful planet, of which more than half filled with water and a motion and a speed in perfect connection between creating and uncreating.

Life time after lifetime they were following each other’s traces as their perfectly aligned frequency can be recognized in heaven or in the very depths of hell. Meeting through  angelic guidance,the moment their eyes locked magic took place within their hearts and souls
J waved, slowly moved towards her as her angelic blue eyes beckoned with a love not yet known. It was in that very ecstatic that very instant through her lovable laugh, J fell deeply in love. He knew he had found his match and his perfect partner. In that moment nothing else mattered. He merged with her heart to heart and she could feel it, and even her guides supported us.

At times they would say more love less talking . At times they would play music tailored for their hearts to open and for them to be embraced by the magic of music. What set everything apart was the soul recognition through the eyes, which beckoned at each other. This meeting was a meeting of the hearts, of two souls finally finding each other through eternity.

They spent very little time that night seeking, speaking until the recollection of times passed made her shyly walk away. The connection was reborn. This connection opened something great and it led to an amazing romance.

A love affair to remember, magic took place when they were next to each other, love became a natural flow between the two of them . Both  willing to give up all in order to embrace and to expand such love onto the world. A simple touch of the hands was magical as different beings  would assist.
One day at a restaurant three ascended masters did a small ceremony and they said “You are married.” It felt beautiful and so very true. E was ecstatic and so was J , and it was a wonderful dinner specially when master Hilarion and Athena oversee such a union.

Being with her made a simple drive to the beach, ecstatically magical, J remembers….sweet sensations” E Sang along and it was beauty to J’s heart. They had a great time at the beach and J so loved her playfulness.

Smart woman, met a smart man, both from two different realms of academia yet both very well educated. She is educated in the corporate department J educated in life and in the greatest form of healing and frequency transmutation , and much more.,,

Every moment was intense and magical with the true beloveds and when in alignment they are a force unlike any other. Blessed was the moment they recognized each other, and the gift of knowing became stronger. Miracles became a daily reality as they embraced in pure love.
Note: Human life can be amazing when we are in alignment and so much can take place, our connection was magical and tantric in its essence and we fit with each other in true perfection.
We were read the Vedic charts and told we are mirrors of each other and what one lacks the other one has, perfect match if egos can be kept in check. Magic and miracles is who we are, but when you join two twin-flames the greatest miracles of all occurs.

At the human level the sacred union of twin flames is the most beutiul experience anyone can have in this life time. It can also see and be the merging of the souls and the end of the reincarnation cycle for such individuals.

One of the obstacles can be the runner who can’t handle the situation. I was a runner but instead I would go within. The other was a quiet runner and disappearing long periods at a time. all of that put strain in our connection but never in our love. When love is real nothing can touch it.

Discernment can help as spirit or God has no right to say, your partner is cheating on you where there is no proof what so ever. Thoughts like that create unnecessary separation. But true love can never be apart. We are love first as we carry the templates of heaven and the purity of love and even the frequency of the creators.
Above all we carry Father and Mother Gods frequency so that we may all once again reunite in absolute love. We are free to be but when united and when we get past the first years of relationship the true full potential begins to unfold.

It is time to embrace and embody the absolute twin flame templates but in order for that to happen the ego twin flame body must die. Twin Flames are very unique individuals and the roles they have taken are major in shifting the planetary grid. Very reason why they (darkness) attack one or the other to divide and conquer.

My simple and basic advise is to move from a place where we keep score of who did what or who didn’t do that and to understand marriage is a partnership that unfolds like a beautiful flower if nurtured with respect and love.

I am daily making different choices within my essence to be able to realigned to the highest love I feel in this land and between this reality.

Life has made my edges smoother and has made my heart gentler, yet I feel stronger all within my potential. One thing I advice is to enjoy and love every moment and never take anything personally as it is a short route to misunderstanding.

Above all twin flame love never dies and it just keeps getting stronger and burning with a deeper sense of love, unconditional, blessed love. Two humans being as gods through their love. When that happens we begin to heal the original separation which took place between the creators.
It is time for all of us as twin flames to step up to the plate and be the protectors and the nurturers but above all to be the ones to manifest the heavenly templates here and now.

Twin Flame relationships are extremely powerful. let’s use that leverage, that power and change from within.

I Love You Ootya


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