Sacred Unity codes Part 2

You are all blessed and embraced by true sacredness. There’s a sequence of events taking place worldwide. This our beloved world is changing and expanding faster and faster by the minute. We accepted this mission and so we are here to get it done. Humanity’s consciousness is now being mirrored at its very core. Every […]

Sacred Unity Codes

If there is one thing life, the universe and our inner knowing is trying to teach us is the simple fact, ” We are all one.” We as a unity carry the divine codes of total unity. We also as humans are unique in carrying the original seed of individuality codes. It is such an […]

Wa Ki Awash Ta A Ana Ahim

Wa Ki Awash Ta A Ana Ahim Bless you with the power of the word as your divinity awakens.  We are living in a reality as real as a human breath. It comes and goes as the will of the Divine Creator knows and understands itself. Yet there is a deeper meaning to life unbeknownst […]

I am not only human…

In my life, my greatest feeling is to always strive to be my absolute best. There are good days and there are not so good days but one thing remains a wonderful constant and an un mutable truth… I am a Divine Being in service to the All.  As such my dear human family I […]

We are Truth 

There’s amazing strength in feeling absolutely vulnerable. There’s beautiful depth in feeling lost. There’s pure innocence in the presence of the greatest challenges we face. In the power, in the strength held within the innocent vulnerability, we can find our truth and our true origin can unfold right before our weeping hearts.  We must therefore live […]

Honoring, Empowering and Blessing Humanity

Here I will tap into some of humanities weaknesses, lack of responsibility being one of them but also humanities strengths, compassion being one. I will rant about human perspective as well as divine perspective. We are indeed complex beings but we need to redirect ourselves. Let simplicity and beauty  of the simple yet majestic existence […]

Let our voices Roar! 

I am not a yogi yet I unite mind, body and soul and practice the yoga of life. I am not a healer yet I heal, I am not a mystic yet I contemplate and surrender to the self as I absorb into the absolute. I am not a psychic yet I predict and see. […]