Let our voices Roar! 

I am not a yogi yet I unite mind, body and soul and practice the yoga of life. I am not a healer yet I heal, I am not a mystic yet I contemplate and surrender to the self as I absorb into the absolute. I am not a psychic yet I predict and see. Above all I am not my skin color, my creed and or my religion. What I am is a Divine Being having a beautiful human experience and beyond that I am the True I am. 
Can you see, can you understand we are pure nothingness once again returning to the Greater Source. We are on the same journey as the Divine Creators. 

Grand is the understanding of the Absolute Self as it holds the key to existence. Truly blessed in its constant expansion in deep knowing as it knows nothingness itself.  
I told you who I am and I see you as you all are, just as beautiful and magnificent as the greatest miracle of all. 
My heart proclaims in fervor as I share my voice. As I share my deep passion and compassion for all life. 
I dare speak onto you.   

Freely allow yourselves to reconnect to the emptiness, free of prejudice, free of lack of direction, free of greed and free of ignorance. 

Walk empowered, in balance and in harmony with every individual who is but a reflection of your grander self. 

Gratefully love and respect yourselves by respecting Mother Earth and All her inhabitants. Do not isolate or differentiate yourselves by mere belief systems. 
Yes as we understand and see with our hearts many things will come to light. If our brothers and sisters, if Mother Nature is hurt, we all suffer. Also as we understand, we see how we are creators and co-creators and yes we must unite in a common vision in order for humanity to coexist in harmony. I agree the more we know, the less we really know… And yes the more we understand, we begin to see that in the end nothing really matters but until we get to that divine state of  being and of Godhood, let us in unison raise our voices against that which threatens our existence… Conformity, comfort and indifference, coupled that with greed and ignorance and we have a potent mix of self degradation. 
My God, let us all remember we are brothers and sisters, let us remember how intricately connected we are. Please let us remember we are sacred spirit and as such let us see with light in our eyes the sacredness which pervades within and around us. Take a moment to remember, we have a voice and that voice unified is a force unlike any other. 
Please God, give us the common sense to speak up against the oppression of the self. Let us unite our chant as we call upon Love, Peace, Freedom and Happiness for everyone. We are free to be, all of us free to exist in the infinite cosmos and as such let us respect every living organism. 
We must stop segregation and the idolization of materialism. Let us let go of pretense as we see the reality of society as it separates humanity through the imposition of martial law, through the policing of our sovereignty and through the misuse of power. 

Let us then raise our voices with deep fortitude, with deep faith in the All and in the belief we are all of one Source. 
May we all be reminded of the purity, beauty and simplicity of life. As we are reminded, may our hearts be filled with the needed love and compassion necessary for humanity to subside its misguided approach to life. May we remember to live. 
Now let us raise our voices in unison as we proclaim our freedom. Together We Stand! 


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