Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions Offered:

Healing Session Price: $111.00 | Book Now

Healing sessions can be done remotely or in-person. Remote sessions are done through agreed/scheduled time where the patient can be in comfort of their home preferably lying or sitting down and dedicating this time slot to receiving the healing. After the session, there is a 15 min follow-up talk over the skype. My skype username is “iamlightdivine”. If the patient prefers to have more connection during the remote healing, the session can be entirely conducted via skype. Remote sessions can be as profound as in-person sessions. If you reside in san Francisco / Bay Area – California, then in-person session might be a solution for you. I will email you the details about my Cupertino address after you schedule the session.

Healing is a very creative field for me where my heart and passion lies. One of my favorite healing modalities is Universal White Time Healing. Universal White Time Healing (UWTH) is a type of healing that can work with timelines, can improve your health and wellbeing on many levels, as well as speed up your spiritual growth. Beyond Healing is another healing modality that works with separation between humans and their multi-dimensional selves, including the Higher Selves outside of Creation. UWTH and Beyond Healing have been taught to me by a wonderful teacher known as Channie Cha from Sweden who is a contactee and a psychic.

I have also channeled new healing modalities and techniques that have proven to be very effective while working on my clients. Very particular and yummy energy is Zero Point which returns a person to a pristine state of their original blueprint. Lots of benefits you can receive through having a Spacial Healing that I also channeled. It works with mind patterns, belief systems, patterns of behavior. Holy Light technique is the one that was given to me to work on deep traumas/samskaras and release very heavy energies from human bodies. Its energy make up reminds me of a laser beam working through human body and burning heavy residues and energies. The New Light/Genesis healing is about working with Higher Self aspect of the Christ Light, removes ancestral karmas, and clears negative influences etc.

As a certified Seraphim Practitioner, I can work with your Christed Soul within 55 dimensions of your multi-dimensional self, and can address past-life and this lifetime traumas, perform clearing of your soul matrix from past scars. Seraphim Angels who assist me, come from the levels of Pure Will and can work with your entire multi-dimensional self.

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