Sacred Unity codes Part 2

You are all blessed and embraced by true sacredness.

There’s a sequence of events taking place worldwide. This our beloved world is changing and expanding faster and faster by the minute. We accepted this mission and so we are here to get it done.

Humanity’s consciousness is now being mirrored at its very core. Every shade of our being as individuals and as a whole is being presented for us to assist in the shift. In order for that mind boggling shift to occur and to be as loving as possible, humanity’s consciousness needs to be prepared and purged.

How are we being prepared and purged?  By Creation itself acting as a magnifying mirror, so that the intelligence of the organism known as humanity takes a quantum leap. Such magnification of energy is driven by pure love. Everything taking place has at its core  Sacred Unity at its best.

Planet Earth is a very tiny place in comparison to the apparent infinite  size of our Creation, yet this is the spiritual hub we all manifested. At this crucial point there are many ascended and divine beings who chose to take human form in order to assist with the shift from within.

We all carry the frequency and vibration to unite with the motion taking place by the winds and wings of love. It is for that very reason we must take responsibility for ourselves and to stop waiting to be saved. After all we are everlasting as the Divine beings we are.

At this moment it is only a matter of accepting ourselves, just as we are. With every “flaw” and unconscious thinking or belief system, we are just as divine.We must stop the judgment of ourselves and others and allow our true inner force to shine forth. We are not as meek as some might believe.

We have the means, the intelligence and the required level of Holy Grace carrying us through. We are flying through this powerful shift as slow as it might seem. We have the light, the love and the courage to do it.

Here in the United States tomorrow the 8th is presidential “election” day. All eyes are upon us and is easily visible, this time they funneled the choice for this country to have a woman as  president. Now it does not matter who takes or doesn’t take office, love is behind every event.

Our presidential candidates are the clear images of what needs to be healed as a collective for this country. A game well played with every possible distraction and yes all eyes are on us at a cosmic and galactic level. We are just getting one step closer to the disclosure which is imminent.

I mention all of these so we may all take heed to the call of self transformation. An individual choice with great impact on the collective. 100th monkey effect is already in motion and it is only a matter of time we see it clearly as we evolve into love.

We must grow back into love and fall in love all over again with who and what we are and represent. We are as obvious as nature itself if we pay close attention. There’s no denying the flow we are a part of and we flow with the forces of the entire Creation. We are creators taking extreme measures to evolve into a greater, grander form of love… Just as love is doing exactly the same.

Let us then each and every one of us take us back into love, our true origin and our true source of identity. We are not children and we can no longer play the ignorance is bliss card, that ship has set sail. I call upon each and everyone of you to support our process by living and being love through the heart and the greater heart shall expand.

Life is simple and simply beautiful and we are life. 

I am happy to introduce the second part of the Sacred Unity Codes. Codes which go beyond the unity of twin flames, this codes go into the purity and innocence, force and power of Sacred Love.

As you connect to the codes, send them worldwide to everything and everyone. To our brothers and sisters who need a reminder ” We are love.” Thank you for doing your part and for taking full responsibility as representatives of Divine Love.















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