Sacred Unity Codes

If there is one thing life, the universe and our inner knowing is trying to teach us is the simple fact, ” We are all one.” We as a unity carry the divine codes of total unity. We also as humans are unique in carrying the original seed of individuality codes. It is such an innate wisdom and no matter how far removed we feel, we all have sprouted from one original source.


The key in understanding all those codes is within total and absolute surrender to life, to being. We then begin the process of true knowing. What can also be called intuitive living. Intuition is specially strong in those with high capacity to love.


There is held within all of life, all the fractals of existence a simple yet intricate pattern, which always leads to the key to life, the flower of life, the tree of life… that component, that powerful key is love. Every master, every being of light and even darkness is pointing all in the same direction. ” Learn to love and sacred unity shall be yours.”


Humanity has heard it said over and over, through channeling, religious literature and direct massages from the masters, light beings and the angelic kingdom, mother nature and it just goes on and on, love and know love is ever changing, ever present and ever evolving into a greater point of love.


Each individual has a point of love that is interconnected to the point of love held within unity which is connected to absolute love which holds and expands at infinite velocity and absolute capacity… a capacity to thrive and evolve itself into a grander form of itself. All in all every road leads once again back to love and the Sacred Unity which is the total sum of all experiences of itself.


Isn’t it beautiful and simply amazing to understand and to realize we are part of such total and magnificent form of love, that we are driven by love! Life equals love, and love experiences life in every possible and unthinkable way of experiences. It can open our eyes to the greater picture.Knowing that as erratic and chaotic life seems at the moment, how much war, calamity and shifting within light and within darkness is taking place all is being driven by the force known as love.


The more we love, the more we learn to love in order  understand the true meaning of love, the faster and the easier we awaken our inner seeds and we can once again feel the wholeness of Sacred Unity. It then focuses and concentrates on a single point, the point of origin. Everything that exists, will ever exist and even that which is only thought of or a possibility of being, all originated from the one absolute truth, Love is Absolute, therefore we are absolute.


Yes I will repeat it like everyone else who has understood and known true life….Be love, give love, receive love.. true and unconditional love, love strong enough to let go and to go into total surrender to love itself.


As a human I experience certain things I’m very passionate about, I passionately dislike how humanity treats itself, how children suffer around the world, how greed has over taken humanity “Ruled” by a few so called elite. But in the end when you see the big picture it is love knowing every shade of love. I feel you, it isn’t always easy to love with our limited perception and it is then we must expand into the heart and its eternal door in total connection to the kingdom of life.


We all hold the key to our own freedom, to our own connection and realization of life as a true manifestation of love, True Divine Love. It is up to each one of us to connect the dots to the Sacred Unity. You want to support the world in this crucial and key point in time, then let’s unite and the the most loving person each and every one of us can be, no matter what!


I am sharing the codes given to stand for the Sacred Unity held within Love. Please send it everywhere and to everyone. To every part of the planet where people are fighting for our rights with their courageous hearts, such as the Dakota pipe lines, to the middle east where war and rumors of war is a daily experience. To awakening humanity, be creative and please let us all be responsible.

Live, Love, Give!




Sacred Unity Codes



















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