We Are All Human After All. Codes of Joyous Self Realization

I saw your reflection deep within my heart. I stared deep into your eyes and I knew then, I loved you so.  You beckoned for me to approach you and in an instant I found myself embraced by the deepest love.  You whispered with reverence “I am the deepest love, I am your Holy self.”  […]

My experience with triggers and Holy Creator Symbols To release triggers

5/30/14 My blessings and my love to all of you. May my experiences and growth serve you well my deeply loved human family. Jose All of the activations, energy influx and gateways of light made many of us dance like monkeys. The immediate clearing and purification of all the bodies was quite intense. In my […]

I am Jali’El Al Sara

9/6/13 My story and process of integrating and becoming my Christed Soul. On the 30th and the 31st of August I taught a level one class of Universal White Time Healing and had such a wonderful time and great experiences with a beautiful group of people. Very advanced and aware which made for a powerful […]