My experience with triggers and Holy Creator Symbols To release triggers


My blessings and my love to all of you. May my experiences and growth serve you well my deeply loved human family.


All of the activations, energy influx and gateways of light made many of us dance like monkeys. The immediate clearing and purification of all the bodies was quite intense. In my case it led me to experience quite an emotional purging. The emotional healing for me has been an amazing and simply intense one.

After the death of my feline guardian, I released a deep seated trauma that had been caused by the killing of my first and deeply loved puppy. It was all by order of a family member who due to her own ignorance fear got the best of her. I had carried that pain for over 30 years and it had kept me from fully surrendering to the love of all my pets from that day forth. Natie my cat through his passing helped me release that trauma via a deep soul cry I had to endure.

My emotional body in so many ways has been put to the test time and time again. On the weekend of the 24th of May I had to face myself again, now I am fortunate to have around me a great and powerful mirror. She reflects at me all my deep seated fears and she helps me understand them, many times through her silence. This time the service I received was seeing and clearing many of my triggers. Feelings of being worthless, and fear of my own power, all programming through childhood abuse, emotional and psychological pain and even sexual abuse.

Through all the experiences I had, in all honesty I have become quite a man and quite a force. I endured and succeeded in clearing the pain caused to the small child I was. I endured having my innocence as a child taken away by the harsh reality of a life that at the time seemed quite normal. I have been able to truly forgive those who were serving as my teachers in life through all the opportunities for growth I was faced with. I have also been able to forgive myself for feeling shame over what I perceived and how I took the experiences in life.

Yes I suffered for over 20 years from deep depression, which unknowingly I fed through drinking and taking unnecessary risks in life. Throughout those years I always had a small voice guiding me. Luckily that voice became stronger and stronger as I matured as a man. Then I found myself and reconciled with my true self. I was finally able to embrace and love this amazing ascended master, the powerful advanced E.T. that I am and have gone as far as embracing my Archangelic self, my light being self and even my God self. I have completely fallen in love with Jose the human, I feel a love so divine mirrored by all my friends and all people of the world.

As a star seed I felt lonely, alienated and as if I never belonged, but it was that knowing that has also given me strength to keep going. My curious human nature has been my greatest source of power as it led me to pursue spirituality with such a passion that I have become quite adept at working with energy. As a human every moment is a miracle, even the moments when my buttons are being pushed I can step back enough to analyze the situations and my feelings and thoughts. Sometimes I feel like this powerful computer playing out all the possible outcomes and always finding the absolute best outcome. I process spiritual information so fast that my brain can not keep up most of the time thus pushing me to tap into my other brain, an etheric brain.

Through all of this times I have been guided and many times I have asked to be left alone to experience everything to the fullest, all without help in order to understand everything. Darkness has been a great teacher and a great force in helping me understand every aspect of reality. By experiencing every single hue of light and dark I have risen above the programmed fear of God and even a devil all instilled through religion. I have even gone to the point that I can say I love darkness for loving us so much that it took the role of an evil doer in order to help us understand and appreciate life to the fullest. Many might disagree with me and that is okay!

By knowing darkness I was able to face my shadow side, and to understand that in essence all it is searching for is love and to be loved and to mirror love. By experiencing my shadow self I was able to discovered triggers that made me feel less than, and worthless, all a false program and a false grid created by the constant reassurance by life that I was indeed worthless. Now many years forward here I am with very few triggers and buttons. It was this that led me to ask my now guardians and mentors the Holy Creators a vibrational way to release triggers and buttons within every single body of our human make up.

The image I’m adding at the bottom of this post from top to bottom include four steps. All to be done one at a time preferably one per day at least the first time it is done in order for the greatest effect to take place.

Print them in a separate page and seat to meditate or simply take them through the eyes or the palms and wrists. Personally I have found that seating to meditate and holding the symbols in my hands they have the greatest impact, but follow your intuition.
Step 1) Sweeps the energy field, including the etheric body and also the physical body. It does a sweep at a cellular level and as it sweeps and clears as much of the triggers as possible.

Step 2) Mental body sweep, again same effect as the first one only at a mental/ psychological level.

Step 3) Emotional body sweep

Step 4) Spiritual body sweep

Holy Creators

The human energy field as well as your reality has evolved in frequency so much,that it is now possible through holy light language to completely clear patterns, and karma and so much more by using light/vibrational symbols to remove deep issues. All of the infusions of light being received constantly have allowed for a much greater purging. Everyone has to face themselves and come to terms with their lives and to reconcile the human self and the true self in understanding that there is indeed no separation between your “lower” self and your “higher” self. The symbols given by us to Jose can be used regularly and they work like a form of laser scanner that goes deep into every level of your human self. You might experience many things including heat and the deep activations received go far beyond just the above mentioned levels of your human makeup.

For those of you who use this symbols and stick to helping yourselves the new energies approaching once again will have a greater impact as you will have greater space to soak all the new light. A huge new wave of light is now being directed to your quadrant, Earth being the main “target.” We are very pleased with your evolution that we have granted in collaboration with your creator a wonderful dispensation. Your light will shine through the ages, whether you are ” awake or asleep” You will change at the very core of your souls. A new spark is about to be awakened. A new aspect of the spirit or better yet a higher spirit is about to uncloak itself within each and everyone of you.

You are about to embark into a new way of existence. It is that very reason why the many councils of extraterrestrials and light beings are being so active through so many channels bringing forth the new knowledge as you have to prepare for a grand new existence. You have been told you were created in the image of your God, and yes you have, but he/ she was created in the image of something even greater and it is that new spark, that new program about to be awakened and activated. Brace yourselves for this wave of light so intense it will knock your socks off. Give birth to the spirits greater spark.

Honoring you within Absolute Love



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    Jose, I feel much resonance and compassion for you… and your connection with the Divine amazes me. I’m a short drive to Cupertino, so maybe one of these days I’ll schedule a session 🙂

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