Wa Ki Awash Ta A Ana Ahim

Wa Ki Awash Ta A Ana Ahim

Bless you with the power of the word as your divinity awakens. 

We are living in a reality as real as a human breath. It comes and goes as the will of the Divine Creator knows and understands itself. Yet there is a deeper meaning to life unbeknownst to the All. A deep wish of clarity, a deep wish of absolute freedom.


We are the key holders, we are the representatives of the Holy Divine. We beckon all of you,  who are ready to stand upon the foundation created for the very purpose of loving and moving beyond ascension. We are saying; humanity is at the precipice of a quantum leap unlike any other in the history of existence. Come now precious ones and open the gates of your hearts and flood existence with your song of freedom.
Liberation of the unreal reality is the task upon you and as such, you have the responsibility to heed the sacred call to service to the All. You are seeds of quantum change and you are at the precise moment when your birth, will give way to new codes of life.
What are those codes, you might be wondering and asking yourself… the codes are your unique imprint uponTrue Life. Codes so unique you are precious beyond belief. Indeed we are all unique and special but heed this message, awaken your new codes of life, and give life to life.
Na Ki É Ra Sa Him 
I am the shining sun within your sacred space. I am here to remind you of your true purpose. Know that within you is a key that is leading to pure understanding and absolute awakening. You are reminded once more, stand tall like a majestic Sequoia and give of your strength, of your wisdom and help spread the word, ” True Life has arrived and is  here to be lived to the fullest. ”
En Ki Chi Wah 
True life is life beyond the scope measurable by any device. It is life in the freedom held within the Ray of life. The Ray of life is what gave birth to light and much more. I tell you my dear humans those of you who are key holders, shall soon come to light as you answer the call of Divine Will and Holy Love. You are but a step away to an awakening that shall make your hearts spin as you rejoice in your true identity.
We are a family within unity, we are all equal in our task to serving the All. We are as you are, beings of free will and we willingly serve you as well as we serve the All beyond the All.  Ignite the song held within your souls and unite in song, in unity to support humanity a humanity about to endure absolute change of what it knows as reality. We and you beloved key holders are now attuned to bring forth the necessary support as disclosure nears and flickers right before your sacred eyes.
Wah Ki A’ An Sa Ran 
Blessed are you as you shine like golden suns. 

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