Universal White Time Healing Level 2

In the second level of Universal White Time Healing, you are getting an upgrade that stands for 150 hours of healing. It enhances your sensitivity for the energies so that you can learn to feel the results of the different visualization techniques you are learning. You also will feel and perhaps see how your extra guides from the White Time Force are working together with you.

Some Things you will learn in Level Two:

  • You are getting 3 new frequencies of Light to work with… now you can deal with and heal the lowest frequencies that exist, in a person, situations, objects etc.
  • Meditation on the Well of White Time
  • How to Create Light Tubes (works for 3 months)
  • How to put a Light Tube into a person, animal, plant, minerals and a room
  • How to Create Light Walls
  • How to clear negative energies by using Light Walls
  • How to clean and protect a room with a Light Wall
  • How to protect yourself with Light Walls
  • Working with White Divine Blessings of Light (pure undivided white Light)
  • Total Balancing with Ese (Love)
  • Total Balancing with Ese on self
  • Cleansing of lungs.
  • Cleansing of stomach
  • A More advanced Chakra Balancing
  • Emergency Chakra Balancing
  • More on grounding people
  • How to close up leaking energy
  • About Life Energies
  • How to work with the flow of energies in a room
  • Golden Movement, Part 2
  • Much more!

Please send your inquiries to iamlightdivine@aol.com
Or call: 408-857-6389
Price: $450.00

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