Sharing an experience i had recently

My experiences while taking Shambhala training from the 20th to the 23rd of July were quite amazing.
This is a training i knew nothing about but felt compelled to do.
The first day of class was a bit slow and not much was practice, but what was amazing was the first initiation into Shambhala or the Light of Heaven as it is known as well.
I had visions of a female dressed in luminescent white roman style dress and a navy blue cape both dress and cape had gold trim. I asked who she was and She said her name was Athena and thats how I came to know the Goddess Athena.
She showed me and advanced form of the healing I was learning. The technique was not taught in the levels i was learning but she felt I was capable of understanding on how to work with disks of light.

After class was over I went for a swim and then went for dinner. Now this day was quite interesting in the sense that lots of people were being really happy around me and even some women that had never really talked to me were talking as if We had known each other for a long time and they were all smiles.
While waiting for my dinner thats when I felt the presence of Athena and she started conveying her message. After I was done I left the door and as soon as I came out there was a man seating on the sidewalk about to start making a copper wire bracelet and he explained to me how he went into a sort of meditative state and that how he knew what look to give it……
I was guided to gift him a sunstone programed with signs from board of knowledge.
Then a friend of his came by and he became a little distracted and had to get ready to leave. I asked for his name and he asked , “my state name or my God given name?”
I said the one you identify with….His name “Clay in the Potters Hand’ and so he gifted me a bracelet that looked like an eye and then he was in his merry way. Leaving me feeling blessed by the blessing sent my way by spirit.

Later that evening I decided close to midnight to head out to the top parking lot of mount shasta and hike a little in the moon lit night. It was so peaceful and beautiful.
I decided to connect with the Goddess energy and the mountains heart and I great sense of love over came me and I was shown a different way to use the disk I had been given earlier by Athena.
Not long after i felt a need to look up and saw a ufo that would move slowly and hover, then move and hover some more. then it would go back and forth. After all the excitement I decided to go back to my room and had another sleepless night.

On the second day of the initiation around noon time three people can by to look at the heart of the child as they call the 13th crystal skull. That experience was incredible as well. Susan the crystal skull keeper was showing then to the wife of Jose Arguellos who apparently had something to do with the harmonic convergence of 1987.
Any how the crystal keeper didn’t let anyone touch them but showed us how they changed size. Which i witnessed to my own amazement the change in shape and size by centimeters to match each others size. (this skull is form by a male half and a female half. When put together they form a human heart shape.
Any how as she was showing them they connected with me and told me I had to hold them and showed me which had would hold male and female. Susan noticed my reaction and when i asked her in private if I could hold them she replied ” We’ll see what can be done”
Later that day when class was over she dismissed us all and didn’t say a word about my request, but I asked again, and again.
She was so gracious and allowed me to hold the skulls in her private room .
She proceeded to place them in the exact order the skulls had shown me.
as I held them my hands started vibrating and shaking almost as if they belonged to someone else. By the time they were done downloading codes into me they were really hot and had gone from clear color to aqua blue.
On that evening I shared with one of the students in my class I had gone to shasta and has seen a ufo, and told him I was going later close to midnight to meditate. (he shared with me he is a psychiatrist and told me before We went up the mountain ” you know I could have you committed and laughed)
He decided to join me and as We sat there and talked I started to feel a presence and told him We need to face in a different direction and told him which way to look up to the stars. About ten minutes alter a ufo appeared and turned out to be the same one from the previous night. I know this because the energy felt the same. I connected with the ship and was telepathically told for both of us to relax and receive and activation from them.
I was shown how to transfer to him disks of light in order to be able to feel energy more. I proceeded to do as I was shown and he described everything he felt and could actually feel the disks as I placed them in his hands.
I even told him now you know what I have been talking about.

On the third day of the class We went up to the top parking lot of the mountain and received another initiation. What she did was a sort of opening of the halo and as she placed her hands I saw a column of light come down from heaven into my crown and then a pyramid of light went over me and started shooting gold and blue lightning. As the energy expanded and then We pulled it back in order to ground a red heart with rays around it came into my chest and dropped into my stomach as i grounded. I was in a state of bliss and felt a little dizzy from the energy.
When We went back to class I shared how i had seen a symbol and to my amazement when she continued with the class she showed what i had seen and i said, “that’s the one” turns out this was called Antahkarana…light vehicle i believe.
We practiced some more and towards end of class on the last day I was placed on a message table and given a symbol that put me in a trance state, as the symbol went into my energy field I heard “Antahkarana on!”
They walk away and sat a few meters away watching us.
I immediately started hearing ” The heart of Telos” which is said is a city under Mount shasta.
I was taken there and saw at the center a huge beautiful Crystal suspended in the air in the middle of a round stage like platform with stairs in all directions heading towards the crystal. I was surrounded by by columns or pillars just like they did in roman times and same style as well. I was surrounded by priestesses one of them even gave me her name Sa Ya Ma and i believe i was walked under the crystal and saw how a beam of light went from the crystal all the way to the central sun. Saw how this beam of light came out from Mount shasta.
Now as that was happening rainbows appeared on each side of the platform and surrounded the crystal forming what looked like a magnetic field or maybe even a heart made of rainbows.
I saw the same thing happen to the planet .
Also as all of the above was happening i could feel a breeze and the tarp of the tent moving a little.
Right before i came out of my vision I saw and angel with an eye in the middle of her/his chest. Woke up and one of the students was holding my feet and asked the teacher “shall We tell him?”
I got up and went to have a seat and they started to tell me with great amazement how a huge vortex of wind had formed around me and how the tarp”s cover was literally horizontal from the wind pushing it.
Unfortunately no one thought of taking pictures or recording such an event.
Thats how the last day of class ended with a Big Bang so to speak.


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