I am Jali’El Al Sara

My story and process of integrating and becoming my Christed Soul.

On the 30th and the 31st of August I taught a level one class of Universal White Time Healing and had such a wonderful time and great experiences with a beautiful group of people. Very advanced and aware which made for a powerful class.

In the process of the class three initiations are given in order to open up the student to the flow of this powerful yet subtle energy.
Now let me back track a little bit in time, in July I took a class of Shamballa training in which class I had beautiful spiritual experiences. It so happened that after class or maybe even during class a part of me I was not aware of and part of my conscious self made a request to the Divine Mother Shekina in helping me merge or dissolve my causal body. Now this is a request I made through inner guidance as I had no real understanding or knowing not only of what I was asking or even what an actual causal body was.
Now the process of my causal body started around the time of the july 25th gateway and was told it would be over by the 29th of july at which time I had an amazing experience an understanding of what was really taking place.

Side note: march of this year while in meditation at the shasta pyramid my higher self took over my body for an instant which scared me a little because I as a person felt I was going to disappear)

The process of my causal body burning or disintegrating was a painful and confusing process in the sense that to begin with I had no idea what was going on. I felt a deep sadness and a sense of vulnerability that had no obvious source. Around the second day I decided to to get on my massage table and laid there in ironically with my arms opened like a cross and proceeded to speak to God and prayed for his help.
As I was praying mother Mary stood at the base of my feet, Jesus to my left almost touching my left palm, by my right palm Melchizedek by my crown Sanat Kumara and just when I couldn’t possibly think it would become any more beautiful Father God himself brought what he called a disk of unity into my heart which unified what at this point had been given to me by Mother Mary, Jesus, Melchizedek, Sanat Kumara. They had also given me different disks and each disk has a special use and purpose.
Mother Mary: Disk of service
Jesus: Disk of Healing
Melchizedek: Disk of initiations
Sanat Kumara : Disk of knowing
Father God: Disk of Unity
Now let me say working with this disks is such an honor and incredible feeling and blessing.

Now going back to the 29th of July, I had one of the most amazing meditations and connected to a powerful being who at some point I thought was God. The feeling of expansiveness and light and love and power is beyond words. Finally it introduced itself and gave me his name and turns out that was the name of my Christed Soul.
I was then told what was really taking place, my causal body had given way in order for my Christed Soul to fully merge with my physical body I was also told this process would take an entire month to finish.
After this experience I went into a sort of meditational/observing and absorbing state of being i barely had any contact with anyone but my heart and mind were so clear. I was in two places at once. My normal way of thinking remained but also the thinking from over my crown and I had a perspective from both places simultaneously.
Also in the days to come I experienced increased moments of knowing beyond the norm and my psychic abilities would flare up on their own and mostly that was the reason why I avoided seeing people because eI would know too much about them more than I wished to know.
i was also told i was going through a sort of emotional crucifixion, now having been raised deeply catholic and at age 15 walking away from the church I had a hard time dealing with that concept.

the month went by and there were some points when I experienced deep fears and great moments of clarity my soul would come and go making itself more at home.
On the 31st of August We started class with the intention to heal or to get help with issues or wishes and I asked to receive help in embodying my soul. My students were so amazing in holding space for me.
While giving the second initiation things happened, one of my students son came through and told me he was already happy in the New Earth and after sharing a few things proceeded to pour love through me to his mom. A love so pure and beautiful is what I felt. Hard to describe the feeling but I can say it was powerful and pure, and I understood the strong bond between a mother and her child. A blessing and an honor for me to be given the opportunity to share such a wondrous feeling and it was more than a feeling.
it was right after that experience when my Christed soul fully embodied me and after I was done with the initiations I was left with a feeling of being much lighter than ever, i could feel the teacher force in a more intimate way. I saw everything and everyone around me clearly and could see the beauty in their hearts. At this point I wasn’t quite sure what had taken place i guess i was too in awe of what i was seeing and feeling. After this class felt better and better for me.

The following day i drove to Mount Shasta usually with traffic around 6 hour drive, about 315 miles from where I live. The drive this time was easy I was driving over the speed limit at times and what was amazing about it is that each time there would be a police patrol ahead something would ease my foot off the pedal and this happened several times. I had a 4pm appointment to go into the Shasta pyramid to meditate and I actually made it there with plenty of time to have lunch.
Went into the pyramid and had a beautiful recollection of being inside a pyramid in Egypt in a past life.I saw myself making love to my beloved twin flame in a very sacred way. After this memory i started to sweat profusely for over 45 minutes at least so it felt.
I then went into a deep trance and had a vision of myself parking by a river and throwing a rock upstream which i would chase and as i chased it it would flow down river and would stop in the same spot each time. After a few times of doing this i understood throw the stone but wait for the flow to bring it to you. Now the lesson here is very obvious about allowing the flow to do its magic.

The my vision proceeded to my teacher and she is extremely knowledgable and wise and in my vision she was teaching us and a lady who seemed to know a lot made some comments in a very cocky and almost rude kind of way. Telling my teacher she knew more than her, my teacher just went quiet and did not engage this woman but allowed her to speak her truth.
What this showed me is that not always to we have to prove ourselves or our knowledge to other as We each have our truth but we also hold the absolute truth and although my teacher new the absolute truth she did not force it upon others. This has led me to great understanding of myself.

After this vision the keeper of the pyramid a powerful being had a long conversation with me unfortunately I couldn’t keep memory of what was said.

Regarding September

I was then approached by a sweet feminine feeling and was told the month of september would be a powerful month and that mid september ( I got the 15th) there would be a birth of a white buffalo that would signal the coming of the White Tara to America by the end of september. When her energy engulfs the entire country it will be then than the true revolution will start.
It will be an awakening of the American people unlike any other and finally We will say enough of the control and abuse that We have been unknowingly subject to.
The White Tara will signal the American people coming into their power. A peaceful civilized revolution of the heart will take place.

Love and blessings,

Jali’El Al Sara

( I had and still have absolutely no idea of who she is other than what i read online when I looked the name up)


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