We Are All Human After All. Codes of Joyous Self Realization

I saw your reflection deep within my heart.

I stared deep into your eyes and I knew then, I loved you so. 

You beckoned for me to approach you and in an instant I found myself embraced by the deepest love. 

You whispered with reverence “I am the deepest love, I am your Holy self.” 

My love I remember you and I shall never let you go as I replied to the overwhelming love you shared with me. 

I am your sanctuary and I shall always be here to set you free. 

My beloved my radiant one, welcome home…

Now soar my dearest love and remember, ” You are Divine.” 


The highest service is to always do our inner work.

Incredible how time flies, seems like a lifetime ago last I wrote an article. Here I am once again sharing my life experiences and the understanding that each experience has led me to have. I also have been blessed by expanding my spiritual education far beyond that which I could have imagined years ago.

Can you imagine that instant in time when you have a full realization, a powerful aha moment that comes not only with an understanding but immediately followed by a corrective action? I have lived for four decades and out of those for almost three, I spent following the same repetitive pattern over and over. Now please understand, now that I realize it theres no blame or judgement towards myself at all.  I have to admit I do feel a sense of accomplishment having such great revelations about myself.

As individuals sometimes we can have too many expectations of others, mine was that I needed to feel acknowledged or at minimum I needed to feel appreciated by those close to me. In so many ways that in itself went against my very nature. My true nature is to be a giver, a care taker and someone who loves to love those close to me as well as everyone who crosses my path.

Having now realized and finally understood, that I was trying and wanting to protect myself by projecting a persona very unlike myself. A false projection of bravado when in fact I was scared mindless for feeling so inadequate. The fascinating thing ,my ego was masking it with a sense of self righteousness, God was I shocked to learn that particular truth about myself. Rather than spending too much energy on the why’s I immediately asked for guidance on how to make changes.

Soon after came the sensational feelings and the joy of finally seeing so clearly, of seeing how a big wall had now fallen to pieces. More of me came to life, to want to love those dearest to me even more. After all human life is but a fleeting moment that needs to be enjoyed to the fullest. To many times we forget to enjoy life and those dear to us because we either take them for granted or we think they will always be there. Thats not always the reality of life so please, just for today look at those around you and tell them how much you love them, better yet… show them how much you love and appreciate them!

A new sense of life has now dawned on me. God do we miss the beauty of life when we are too caught up on the smallness of life! My heart truly rejoices having such a beautiful outlook on life, and that’s a small statement for someone who has felt so blessed.  We oftentimes forget how incredibly amazing each one of us is. Due to such forgetfulness we might become frustrated, not realizing we were created divine. Now we must each find our unique divinity, that beautiful inner seed and manifest it here and now.

Every step of the way with all the lessons, our behavioral patterns, and all we are… our way of opening up to the greater self we are, it can all be so sublime. We must see, all we are which includes the illusion of the self as well as the greater self… all of it is a direct manifestation of the Divine. Everything we do, everything we experience… all of it is the One Creator knowing itself.

As that unique part of the One Creator, lets us then be the absolute best of our unique individual frequency. Each one of us can have a great contribution to the all by simply doing the necessary inner work. Go deep into every nook and crevice of your inner kingdom and there find or develop your inner sanctuary, henceforth manifesting that majestic beauty in your day to day life.

Back tracking a bit, when I was in my teens I wrote a quote which makes so much sense now. ” An illusion I see when I’m awake or asleep, Nothing is real yet it is alive. The closer I am the further I get, always swimming in the ocean of love.” We all have a unique innate knowing and so I say go within and meet with your greatest teacher. After all you are patiently waiting for yourself!

A unique specimen of the self you are, go forth and be the most beautiful you, only you can be! Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else, and above all never feel inferior to anyone.  Above all never underestimate the value of your presence on this our beautiful planet. Remember that the next time you feel unappreciated or when you feel confused and think you don’t know the purpose of your life. Your purpose here and same goes for all of us, is to be the best you, you can possibly be.

In love and in deep solidarity for the process we all are going through, I am sharing the codes I was given for joyous self realizations. As we all know everything has vibration and frequency and so when I experienced the understanding and the joy of the self realizations, of course I asked for a code I could share to make your journey a bit easier. Codes can be taken in through the eyes and or the hands. Best to print and connect with the energy they uphold. Place under your pillow, and meditate with them for deeper connection.













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