The pitfalls new healers face

As a teacher of Universal White Time Healing, and as a healer in general I have noticed one trend among people that have eagerly become healers. One thing is that many only do it because they want to be part of a growing community of people who are becoming aware of all the changes in our reality and the need to work with and help with the growth and evolution of humans as a whole.
Now a few others do it because they are following their hearts guidance with an understanding that it takes a deep commitment to be a healer not only to heal yourself but to heal others. Now I understand healing is done through the energy We become conduits of and therefore it isn’t us that necessarily heal but the energy channeled through our bodies.

The ones that become discouraged are the ones that do not understand that to become a healer requires deep commitment and perseverance and a knowing that the gifts of sight and psychic abilities and intuition develops and grow as you grow as a person and as conduit of the healing energy.
Take Universal White Time Healing, through this modality ( I’m using the word modality lightly as through personal experience I know that it is more than a modality and more of a way of life ) this form of healing is a tremendous tool not only to help others but to accelerate our spiritual growth.
With understanding this tool can become extremely powerful if used with the understanding that We grow faster through the constant use of this energy. An example would be a canvas, paint and a paint brush now those three things can mean nothing if they just lay around being unused. Then bring in a person that is curious and willing to discover what the paint brush is capable of by being dipped in the paint and touched to the canvas. Yes at first it could just be lines and scribbles but imagine practicing every day with joy in the heart and what will start happening is that the scribbles and lines start taking shape and start becoming more of an actual picture and a real painting with feeling and meaning behind it. Slowly a beautiful story is developed through the end result which is a magical painting.

Healing is the same with constant practice and joy and curiosity wonderful miraculous things start to happen, the energy starts to flow by a mere thought and healing becomes more powerful. At first at an energetic level and then starts manifesting at a physical level.
My point is, use the energy as a tool and become a master and allow for the miracles to happen and, above all, do not become discouraged as how can the energy create and manifest if you give up early in your practice and do not allow yourself and the energy to work through you.
Also know that there are certain things that take a bit longer to heal due to our limited belief system therefore the energy has to work against that before it reaches the actual issue.
Develop a strong loving heart with knowing that miracles occur every instant of our lives and you will become a powerful healer.
Do not judge yourself, or the healing and many wondrous things will take place.

Love and many blessings,




  1. gnosticalchemist says

    …as a practitioner of the Universal White Time Healing and a member of the Cha family it has been my experience that the commitment to unity is lacking amongst its teachers that is rather unsettling for lack of a better term though White Time Healing is as you say….

    • says

      Hi Gnostic,

      I totally and completely agree with you. There seems to be a lack of unity which is sad. All I can say is that my heart is opened for anyone who decides to talk to me as I truly believe in unity and connection of our family.


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