We Are All Human After All. Codes of Joyous Self Realization

I saw your reflection deep within my heart. I stared deep into your eyes and I knew then, I loved you so.  You beckoned for me to approach you and in an instant I found myself embraced by the deepest love.  You whispered with reverence “I am the deepest love, I am your Holy self.”  […]

In gratitude I honor life

On a cold rainy Amsterdam morning, I am sat at a quaint Café enjoying a warm cup of tea. After several sleepless nights, I am partaking of the joy and the warmth of such curious aspect of energy in the form of water and herbs mixed in a harmony of force. At the same time […]

Time to become responsible Co-creators. 

Divine Wisdom and Divine Knowing include true discernment and how we focus our attention and intentions. We must focus on a reality of love and peace and open ourselves through compassion to Sacred Grace, thus opening ourselves to the promised Golden age.  Our greatest strength is a loving heart and a mind focused on rightful […]

Mexico and Blessings of Love 

11/13/15Woke up early to get ready for my flight. Tenth or eleventh day of my beautiful inner harmony. Had a great drive to the airport, had lunch. Lost track of time and was last one to board the plane. I asked guardians of the land of Mexico to grant me permission to visit.  I got […]

Oh sweet remembrance 

Time and time again humanity has proven it’s great potential to change and shift into a greater level of love. World wide there’s change and shifting. Humanity is saying ” No more to the lower intentions held within a dark veil of ignorance. ”  We are all ascending and descending. Our humanity is ascending and […]