I am not only human…

In my life, my greatest feeling is to always strive to be my absolute best. There are good days and there are not so good days but one thing remains a wonderful constant and an un mutable truth… I am a Divine Being in service to the All. 

As such my dear human family I do promise to always do the best I can to be of service to you. You are my greatest love   As you are a beautiful expansion of an amazing Creator. Every step of the way my heart and my love will never falter and my passion to rise beyond words is my promise to the divinity within us all.  

I am not only human, I am that I am and I am you my beloved humanity. I am eternally grateful for all the lessons you have given me. I am humbled by your hardships and I am blessed by your essence. 

From the highest love, each and every day I pray for guidance, guidance that will lead me to be the best me I can be for you. I honor you humanity and I bless you from my highest point of light. And if that highest point of my light is but a speck or a mere shimmer, I still will give you my all.  

I descended and ascended into a focused ray of light, may my light be our light and may my love be our love. May you grow to your highest potential  my dearly beloved Humanity. May we grow to be Suns of love and of highest light. 

Light of my light, love of my love, flesh of my flesh… I am, I am, I am… so it is and so let it be known.  Let the power of Holy Grace eternally bless us all. 

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