A vision of silence 

In the solitude of my silence I discovered and echo so strong, I had to follow. As it became louder I moved closer and closer and I found the Eternal Masters chanting and singing the song of life. A sun brightly shining upon them an individual Ray. They became translucent. I was beckoned to join […]

A Clarion Call to Action/ I am that I am Decree

“Light descended upon the sacred void of creation. In that moment life begun as a spark within the embrace as both light and darkness merged and became as one. There is no separation, there is only love. ” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We are all very fortunate to have support and blessings through Angels and beings of light […]

Time to Realize our Power

Thank you all for being so brave and willing to do the inner work.  Love, Jose  I come to you with the holy blessings of all I am and all all you are and all we are. My love and my gratitude to each and everyone who is flowing their work wonderfully. Yes we are […]

Contingency Wave Frequency Upgrade

7/13/15 Short statement before I go into my main massage. I see so much separation amongst those bringing forth channellings, those whose egos wish to bring the only right truth when in fact we are all working towards the same purpose. Yes I know many of our messages and ideas won’t be readily accepted and […]