A Channel of the Mass Consciouness of Humanity. 

Journey, destination… Control, surrender and so the path of self recovery is an intense one. We must die time and time again in order to live to the full extent of the self. Self expression in every hue, flavor and fragrance of our uniqueness is a must. 
I love you, I hate you… We must choose the correct path, the correct balance to simply be. We may simply be yet we are  a complex miracle living and flowing in an unfathomable universe that only through true enlightenment can we really know. Yes we are infinite yet we exist within the chaotic yet powerful harmony of the self expression of the Divine and True evolution held within the Divine Infinite.

Held in the Absolute Breath ;our key to awakening. Breathe and be pleased to be in the purity of Nothingness. Move, stay, and know the universe as yourself, cease to exist.  

Bright Less light, dark-less in remembrance, time to realize the Holy Self. Release the totality of your knowing, transmute all of you. Know, be and release the pain of the thought of separation and embrace your all.  

Choking in agony, breathing in freedom and experiencing the Isness in a birth-less birth. Contained and expanded in and instant of purity, in an instant of selflessness in Total Surrender. 

Yes I’m crying tears of pain, of joy and happiness. I do love you, I do miss you and yes I do remember you. My beloved, my heart my all. Come hither and let’s set us free. Take the plunge and simply let go and realize the void. 

Warm embrace in the selfless void… Where am I, who am I and who are you to me ? Are you death coming to save me or are you love here to set me free? I know you yet I don’t know you, why have you chosen to be so… Why can’t all of this be as simple as I am? 

Flowing in the warmth of my tears, and allowing the tenders of my battered heart. Stop the drowning, fill me with life, let my breath flow once again. Rise my beloved with opened wings of the unknown. 

Mirror, please look in the mirror. What do you see? Clarity held in the eyes of you as the beholder, seeing and knowing the beauty held therein. Soul reflecting the power of the void. Exalted darkness as it conceals the perfection held in the fire of the Holy Spirit. 
Moving so fast, oh my holy Grace I feel stagnant, it’s all moving too fast. My heart breaks as it tries  to cope with the liberation of all of me. Breaking the barrier held within my egoic limitations. Yet I am here to to exist in the presence of the Divine as Divine I am. 

Please let me expand, please let me be and interfere no more! Set me free… Heed my cry, know my name. I am you as deeply as you are. 

I love you, I hate you, I know no more. I must be, I must rest and I must be reborn.  After all I’m nothing yet I am with the All. In the end I am self discovery and and as I awaken I know and I love.

I am love and so here’s my truth… I do love you and I do set you free. Now go forth and reclaim your might held within your sacred, our sacred heart. 
Yes I do cry but I will be fine and I will rejoice in the life and the light I uphold. Now please be at peace. 

Ka Ran Dass É Ki Eri Na Ere Dan. 

Scepter and birth of Humanity. 

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