Honoring, Empowering and Blessing Humanity

Here I will tap into some of humanities weaknesses, lack of responsibility being one of them but also humanities strengths, compassion being one. I will rant about human perspective as well as divine perspective. We are indeed complex beings but we need to redirect ourselves. Let simplicity and beauty  of the simple yet majestic existence demonstrated by Mother Nature permeate your every particle . After all we are part of her intricate existence and also the powerful transition we are experiencing. We must realize we are facing the end of life as we know it and we find ourselves at an extremely crucial point. We can now determine which way our humanity will be directed.

At the risk of sounding rude I will say, many humans are simply self righteous pricks, who have learned such obscene behavior by example. Many are taught a sense of superiority by color of their skin. Not understanding we are all and I mean ALL unique and special. Without each one of us the entire picture wouldn’t be as beautiful as it is and together we can make it even more beautiful.

The concept of being happy could be a simple one if we as individuals learned to honor and respect our uniqueness. Instead as a society we have allowed separatism and the degradation and segregation of life. We have allowed ourselves to be divided and conquered by those individuals who thrive by our broken will.

Humanity as a whole is so powerful, yet we run amok like headless chickens. Allowing our fear of loosing our comfort zone the absolute sabotage of the “happiness” we are trying to protect. Simply said, ” We need to step up to the plate and stop allowing ourselves to be used and abused as if we were mindless clones.”

We unfortunately have lived for far too long allowing the abuse and the rape of Mother Earth. The insanity of our society manifested through small groups and controlled by corporation is simply irrational. We are the only species which abuses and destroys the one source of life, our beautiful Mother Earth. We treat her as if she meant nothing and it is such behavior that shows the insanity we have allowed ourselves to become.

All over the world there’s so much upheaval and differences creating a wider gap between our humanity. We have allowed corrupt governments to handle us, led by corporations with only one goal, world domination!

For us here in the United States, we are allowing the absolute and most ridiculous play in our presidential elections. As a community we are allowing them to play with our psyche as if it were a mere toy to be manipulated in whichever direction they wish to go. I say this ” We will reap the fruits of our silence by the complete obliteration of our liberties via despicable puppets in our political party system.”

In the U.S there’s a big game being played, they are wanting to instigate even more fear and segregation, the same way they have done in the Middle East. The Dakota pipeline issue is a prime example as well as the killings through racial profiling. Just the same at a larger scale being done to Palestinians and many others in the Arab worlds and the list just goes on and on.

Since when is it ok to obliterate, to abuse an entire race of people? Why do we remain silent while the planet is being raped ? Why do we remain silent while children die and starve all over the world? Why are our commodities and our comforts and objects more important than the well being of life itself? What will it take for humanity to tap into her divine compassion?

Yes many questions with many answers all according to our level of understanding and awakening. One thing is for sure we must learn from our history and not allow it to repeat itself. Many if not most of us are souls trying to correct the mistakes made on planet Maldek where greed and thirst for power destroyed an entire planet. There’s a big difference this time, there are many souls bringing a higher level of understanding and of divinity. Many are born with a new template, one of peace and greater common sense. Ah common sense the ever elusive sense of the soul that many need to awaken.

We were not born to be sheep or sacrificial lambs. We definitely were not born to remain silent while humanity is being slaughtered and while our planet is abused to the extent that profit is more important than our life giving Mother. We are now needing to decide, do we stand alone and quietly let a military state control us or do we finally say enough and raise our voices and our hearts in unison in the name of love and peace.

We must take heed of all the messages being provided and use all the help to liberate ourselves. This is our time, this is our opportunity to shine by clearing and healing all our “darkness”. After all we were born to live a life of creation and we must choose what we create here and now.

Many of us were born with seeds of change that must now sprout in order for the sweet ones being born to be able to also do their work. Above all we must begin to honor ourselves by giving ourselves the self love needed for change to take effect. If we love and honor ourselves we can then begin to love and honor our planet and all her inhabitants.

We must be the teachers and the carers of life. We must empower by example and we must honor and bless life. If we don’t do it now, we will give way to a very costly and painful manifestation of a powerful force sent to correct the chaotic existence we call life until now. Do not turn a blind eye or a deaf ear, instead take action and let your presence be known.

Open your hearts and take a good look around you, what do you see? Can you see the love flowing all around you even amidst all the turmoil? We are free to flow in the powerful flow of life and as such we can manifest it all around us. When you see and feel that love, share it and spread the joy by being the best you, you can be. Look at the blue sky, listen to sweet song of the birds and even the noise of the cities and see how lucky and how blessed we truly are.

We were given intelligence, intelligence which can lead us to new discoveries and new ways of living in harmony and knowing there is plenty for all. Equality must be manifested here and now. Every individual is here to do their part and as such we much allow life to evolve within us.

When we free ourselves of all our cultural and dogmatic limitations we are left with the deepest empathy and compassion. We become beacons of freedom and freedom begets freedom thus opening the doors to joyful living. Every single one of us wishes to be the best expression of the self. We must therefore take full responsibility for our thoughts, our deeds and our actions.

Let us then begin by honoring life and each vessel representing such life. Let us live a life worthy of divinity through every expression of the self. We are here to manifest change and the greatest revolution by changing the paradigm of existence. Yes we can do it since we are a fractal of a greater form of divinity, lets demonstrate what we are capable of when flowing within the true source of love.

Go look in the mirror and remember you are souls meant for something great. We are not sheep who blindly follow, we are change in motion and we are powerful creators. Come on let’s manifest a life worthy of telling and of sharing for eons of years. Let us then honor, empower and bless life itself.

The Divine decrees and asks of us to take the helm and direct our powerful souls to be manifested through our daily awakening. We are here by divine decree and by the choice of our hearts and souls to make a difference at a cosmic level. We are the only ones who can claim it and make it known throughout creation.

May the love held within our hearts be unlocked to its fullest potential. May such love give us the strength to persevere and to be victorious in remembering our true selves. May we forever be in the fold of love and Divine Source.


Below are the codes that bring you the energy that honors, empowers and blesses you as a human. Use this codes and feel the changes and the experiences within you as you become activated. The language used is specifically brought via our original source.




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