One Hundred Steps to loving life and living in Gratitude

One Hundred Steps to loving life and living in gratitude

In truth the only step is soul living. Living from the purest perfection of the soul and our spirit, created in the image of wonderful amazing being known as love. We have been given the greatest gift and the ability to experience the most amazing feeling in the world as love in the form of gratitude, compassion and grace.

Have you ever felt a joy so intense you feel as if your entire body is a shining sun? 
Have you allowed your soul to be expressed in it full state of bliss? 

On this day and age many of us at one point or another were conditioned to work hard and always to be on the go. Conditioned to own a house, a good car and so on. Society has failed to teach the real values in life and since we are society it is up to us to make those changes one heart at a time. There is no app for joy or happiness but we have the aptitude to love and love is happiness.  Being in gratitude is one of the fastest and easiest ways to be in a complete state of soul expression. Soul expression which is a direct connection with the soul is a wonderful feeling which ,if allowed can lead to full embodiment of the soul. You then begin to see through the eyes of your own soul. Believe me when I say embodying your soul is completely different than just expressing your normal personality. Everything changes, people begin to take notice of you, not by your looks but through the vibrational energy that radiates from you.

I have always felt that attaining the absolute radiance is possible and believe me when I say gratitude is equal to that. When you are in constant state of gratitude the universe reaches down and within to greet you and to bless you as you bless through your own state of being.

As I sat alone with my thoughts focused on my life events and experiences. Lessons learned and lessons forgotten yet knowing all has been recorded deep in my heart and carried by my soul. I allowed my mind to wonder and my soul to surface, I can see and feel with the eyes of my soul. The soul my eternal joy and my direct line to the divine. All my mind could recognize and understand  was the inexplicable joy and gratitude for this precious eternal moment.
I felt an overwhelming bliss as I sat there people gazing as a myriad of expressionless faces walked back and forth. As I allowed my soul to walk in everything changed. People began to smile and some even stopped to talk and to share a kind word.

It has been proven we are energy, everything is energy and frequencies and so on. The understanding of frequencies is crucial, as well as the understanding that thoughts and emotions are powerful frequency generators. We then must focus on maintaining the highest level of positive thought and positive emotions and use them to our advantage. Our heart is specially the most powerful resonant part of the human make up and can expand exponentially when filled with feelings of joy, love and gratitude. Another wonderful side effect of being in gratitude is that we also begin to enter into a state of grace. So much magic and miracles begin to happen then.

Through constant watch of our thoughts we begin to change our frequencies, by changing both our mental and emotional frequency which in turn has a wonderful rejuvenating effect on the body. By constantly practicing mindfulness we become adept at such practice and will get to the point that the correction and the frequency adjustment will be immediately. Mindfulness creates awareness of the present moment, therefore you can become a magnet form equal vibrational frequencies. This is a wonderful practice, as we practice gratitude through our mindfulness we begin to also experience a greater level of love and compassion.

Like everything else in our reality we need to keep dedicating ourselves to achieve desired and beautifully unexpected results. Eventually it is as if instead of tapping into the universe, the secret or the genie of the lamp you become IT. It has been expressed over and over through many lifetimes, cultures and perspectives by a myriad number of masters, that  we are indeed creators. Here is the key to becoming the most powerful creator each of us can master.

In reality as I mentioned at earlier which bears repeating, to have a beautifully creative amazing and blessed life there isn’t a magic bullet or a magic cure.There is access to the greatest force in existence love which contains all the necessary ingredients to a fulfilling successful abundant life. We were given a powerful mind,a strong heart, an amazing energy system and a powerful cellular structure with subatomic access to all. Let’s make the best use of it by living through our divine inheritance, and remember practice makes perfect or at least a perfect I’m-perfection.


What are you grateful for? 

I am grateful for…

Thank you for life
Thank you for joy
Thank you for the breath of existence
Thank you for my body
Thank you for my soul
Thank you for creation
Thank you for Mother Earth
Thank you for water
Thank you for love
Thank you Creator
Thank you for my children
Thank you for my loving wife who fills my heart with love
Thank you for all my friends
Thank you for my family
Thank you for all my past relationships
Thank you for all my pain, my great teacher
Thank you for releasing all pain no longer my own
Thank you for my spirituality
Thank you for my brilliant mind
Thank you for my loving heart
Thank you for this moment
Thank you for time
Thank you for humanity
Thank you to all who have chosen to be brave
Thank you for all who have chosen to remain ignorant till the end
Thank you for all the masters who lead by example
Thank you  to my loving son who fills my heart with his purity
Thank you to my daughter who teaches me through her silence
Thank you to their mother who had the strength to raise me when I was a lost child
Thank you to my parents for abandoning me as they opened a world of immense possibilities
Thank you to my strong heart for never giving up
Thank you to my faith
Thank you to my curiosity
Thank you for my eternal key
Thank you for the air I breathe
Thank you to my awakened DNA
Thank you for my awakened heart
Thank you for Divine Mother
Thank you for Divine Father
Thank you for undifferentiated Source
Thank you for all those who have chosen to clear war consciousness
Thank you for the new children who are bringing heaven’s templates
Thank you angels
Thank you ascended masters
Thank you Holy Divine Structure


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