Full Moon As The Rotating Door For Us To Bring Light Into 4D Matrix And More


We have lived through very powerful transformational energies which are pushing every one to their limits. Solar flares hitting us hard, planetary alignments and lunar eclipse at the time of the full moon and spring equinox. Pushed to change and transform from outside and our inner realm is experiencing exactly the same.We are experiencing change from every level of the self.  It is like being in a pressure cooker and we are coming out as beguile shining diamonds.

We are at another crucial point in our evolution, heck seems every other day is a crucial point in our transformation. We are now at the point when so much is being revealed including the matrix and those who have stagnated there. We are indeed facing the most powerful renaissance in frequency and transformation.

All is leading to the rotating door when all that is happening around us is happening within us. Also as the moon amplifies the frequency of the sun as the lunar eclipse takes place we can have greater access in transforming our reality but as well as the source and the code/programming that makes up the 4D matrix.

All of us have now in this acceleration gateway the ability to transform our lives and our  reality thus bringing it closer to resonating as the New Earth. We can also send loving vibes as the veil between 3D and 4D thins and we can have a great impact in transforming and raising the frequency there as well as here. After all it is the parallel sister to our reality. In order for one to go, both must go higher in frequency.

The symbol representing unified light can now be activated fully and used to send a powerful transformational wave to dismantle the matrix. Use the activation phrase and with your consciousness send the blessing wave. Ra Ki Na Er Za Chana Ran Dass Itza Le Ki Ha 


You can also use it to raise your vibrational frequency and as you take in the codes connect with the light command and increase its powerful activation. In ten minutes you can transform the rest of your life, and here is your chance my dear family.


It leads into the next topic that I have seen many to be experiencing as the frequency keeps going higher. We all know about implants, and past life bleed though and so on. Many have started to notice octopus like attachments and spider like energy descending.

The Octopus Interceptor

Its placement is most of the time over and above the head. I have found it over the 7th, 8th and some times over the 9th chakra, nothing above just yet which is a good thing. The octopus device is a tracking device that has tentacles and attaches to the chakras. Usually the body is in the above mention chakras and it serves as a re routing device. It slows down our connection to ourselves and the divine as well as the flow of life force. Those who begin to feel it and experience it will notice tiredness of the body and mind as the daily flow of life force slows down.

The tentacles  attach into the cranium, around the temples the top of the head and the back of the third eye ( The small of the head on the back near the base of the neck and head. ) I have found this is how many are tracked and how our information, patterns and movements get sent to certain areas or bases around the world. There’s also one thing which can be easily missed is the incredibly tiny microchip that actually runs the program and the tracking device attached to either 7th, 8th or 9th chakra. If we try to remove it wit removing the microchip then it will comeback and cause even more problems. Be very mindful and meticulous if you decide to remove on your own which is still possible specially if you can see energetically.

It is a way how our minds can be controlled and how images that aren’t real can be implanted to interfere with our minds. Like I said it is also how our movements can be tracked. I am sharing all of this for those who are having difficult experiences with the changes taking place. Remember we are here to bridge the divine and then  manifest it through ourselves.

Spider arms/webs

Many are also seeing either spider arms or spider webs coming down into our reality.  I need to clear one thing, much of the energy descending upon us is upgrading our reality, so try not to judge or fear what you see. All is in the hands of the creator and we are all fully blessed regardless of the level we reside in. Ask inner guidance to make sure what you are seeing. The spider arms/webs that lack luster and color are the ones form the matrix coming down here and create the hologram. Divine energy on the other hand is alive and colorful and feels great to see and to experience. In fact if you either see, feel or sense those arms infuse them with the codes of unified light to transform their frequency.

We all have the power of divine NO! We can now decide to say no to the hologram and to the matrix and to begin to disconnect by our own will or by reaching out to healers who have the experience and the know how without damaging your energetic grid.  Time to fully flex our power and be as one with divine love and divine will.

This is a most auspicious moment and we must ride the wave of light and transformation to success and to complete remembrance that we are free and masters of our reality. Blessings my dear family and may your journeys be wonderful and full of wonders and joy.

Use this key to dislodge the octopus like attachments or contact me if you wish to have a deeper clearing and healing. I have had extensive experience in such matters and also in disconnecting any energy stuck in 4D.

“I suggest you use it in conjunction with the above symbols and light commands for an even greater transformation. Follow your hearts and intuition and trust your discernment. Remember We all have our own truth. “

Ki Es Hi SeCha Ra Ni 


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