The Layer of the control program around Mother Earth Needs to be dissolved


Hello my dear family,

I took time to enjoy the holidays and time with my loved ones. The new energies and forces and the presence of divine feminine was felt strong and simply beautiful. Hope you all got to enjoy all the shifts up to this point. Here’s some of my soul wisdom and something I strongly believe.

For ages humanity has been manipulated and programmed to take the role of servants and prey. In fact there is a program and a form of energy that envelopes this reality with such wrongful view of existence. Even animals have fallen prey to this program.

This program attaches to our psyche at the most basic level of our human bodies. At the level of the so called reptilian brain. It is at that level that our “animal” instinct has been deteriorated to the point that humans have been forced to be nothing more than food and play toys for a predatory species who believes itself above us. Playing their games of war and propaganda and keeping us from our divine inheritance.

It is no wonder we have a hard time trusting ourselves and our surroundings. It is that very reason why most can’t even fathom or accept the simple fact that in an infinite universe the possibility for life is more than just a possibility but a reality. Our very peaceful nature has been damaged by this detrimental predators.

Can you imagine a world rid of the fight or flight reaction or shall I say program? It is our very nature that has been manipulated and it is that nature that needs to be balanced and brought to harmony with our soul’s desire. We are not born corrupt, we are corrupted by their propaganda and their lies. If not just think about the theory of evolution and the wrongful “survival of the fittest” or evolution from monkeys. The lies about a vengeful God or the lies about our extraterrestrial saviors being fed constantly through channel after channel. The lies about cities of light being manifested. All that to do sly of hand and to distract us from the truth.
What is that truth? The simple fact that we are a royal bloodline of beings of light who chose to forget in order to rediscover their light once again. We are here to break the mold of ignorance and forgetfulness and above all control. We are here to raise the frequency of our world, beliefs and to eliminate the program of predator and prey. The program of elite and servants. We are here to change reality.

I have always channeled about all the blessings we receive. All the clues given to us by angels, ET’s and the divine but never have I channeled of saviors. I am all about empowering the heart of the people as we have the power to change everything.

This year we must break the mold, we must put a stop to the predators who have wrongfully placed themselves above us. We can not allow the tail to wag the dog no more. This year we must transform from servants or prey into the royals we are. Yes I say royals because it is royalty who must lead by example and service of the highest good. A service of the heart and love and not one of servitude and necessity to survive. Royalty is not one who controls the people and seats high and mighty but one who surrenders to love and acts and becomes love.

I myself, I am just a simple man who wishes to live a simple and happy life. I trust people above all as trust in ourselves and in each other is what will bring peace to this reality. Peace to a world divided and conquered by lies. We must have faith and trust in what we are capable of, and the true beauty within our hearts. We must trust that we can all be cared for and live in comfort without having to step on anyone else.

Yes let us break the mold of having to depend on outside forces and beings to rescue and take us away and out of this messed we have been exposed to. We must remember our power and where it comes from. We are children of a greater force and it is that force that can and will set us free through our own actions. Let’s stop giving our power away to others and let us allow for our hearts to shine freely. Let’s always abide in our highest frequency and then a new reality and  our true powers shall awaken.

When we choose to accept fully in our hearts who we are and that everything happening is in co-creation we will be set free. E.t’s,angels and beings of light and the most high are only here to support us and usher us into our grand new era. They are not hear to fly us off or to bail us out. They are here to remind us of how powerful we really are. We are all containers of the divine, we carry creation itself within us.

I have witnessed time and time again people being disappointed because cities of light did not manifest. Sad or angry that NESARA or the famous dinar RV hasn’t happened. I say trust in your ingenuity and your powers to create and manifest yourselves in higher frequency. Then and only then will you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then you will realize there wasn’t even a tunnel and all there was is light and that light is you.

I also wish to make clear that I completely trust and believe in the help and direction being given to us by the divine and by the extraterrestrial beings. My point here is that we need to stop relying on someone else to do the clean up for us. I think we have done the waiting game for far too long and that is why our “handlers’ remain free and keep on disregarding the well being of planet Earth and her inhabitants. These predators call them by any name you wish but in the end they are a beings that behave like parasites stripping its host of life itself if possible as long as they are satiating their gluttony. They simply move on to the next target without guilt and completely disregard of everything else.

Back to the program of control as prey and predator I mentioned earlier. Simply stated it has formed like a form of goo around our planet which brings frequencies to levels below what they would naturally have. Now if we all wish to experience and see beautiful things happen to all of us then enough people need to start resonating at a higher frequency by accepting the power of the divine self and the responsibility that comes with such a power. Our freedom is as easy as understanding about harmonics and resonance or better yet the hundred monkey effect. If enough of us begin to reject the program it will be neutralized and replaced by a higher frequency through us.

I will lightly mention this; the programmed is being constantly sent to our atmosphere through the biggest satellite known as our moon. Within the moon as it is hollow there is a reptilian base or more or so a city that is assigned to keep it running. We really need to break free, the sooner the better. Perhaps in the future I will write more about such a guidance.

My love to all of you and keep on anchoring the new light. Remember We can do this and transcend and transform our reality as co-creators. Keep the faith and the light in your hearts shining brightly.


  1. Ascension Angel says

    Welcome back Jose and thank you for this message… one of my favorites you’ve posted because this is so true, so important, and more people need the awareness and awakening. Thank you dear light anchor and friend… with this more heart lights be “on” and shining brightly! 🙂

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