The Lover and the Companion

I have noticed as the power and the love of the Divine Feminine brings balance to life and as women become empowered we as men need to learn to be in balance and in love with the Divine Masculine. We need to rise to embrace this miracle of life. I have witnessed in the very depths of my soul a flower blossom and an eagle soar! I humbly share a lesson I had to learn and as you read the poem below may my heart touch yours in the sacred dance of joy.

Life is a journey of self discovery.

The lover and the Companion

As the heart wonders and searches for that which has always been within, a place of discovery blossoms.
Reality shimmers and shudders as change takes hold, reality reborn!
The heart awakens as the mind sleeps in a lucid dream of the self.

Awake and asleep I find myself wandering in the void.
Divine Mother it is you who has given me the middle way.
I am neither awake, nor am I asleep and as such, who am I?
Majestic I am to the greatest extent of my simplicity
I am but an ordinary lover of your eternal flow.

You flutter your wings and a fragrant breeze quenches my soul.
My thirst is at its highest, the zenith I am.
As the zenith you are my beacon of light, my heaven, my stars, in your fold I am freed

It was yesterday when I withered in pain, my heart lost in its misery it was you who washed my face and cleared my heart of the mind.
You give birth to me with the rhythm of your love.
I am now a figment of your creation a petal of your love

I am thy soul and your are my sustenance.
Creation in silence
Motion in stillness
Separation of the self in unity of the heart.

Hearing the song of the soul as your love beckons
Here I am, there you are, here we are,
Yes always as one.

Notion as motion
Love as itself
I see you now, I see me now as clearly as your warmth

Cradled I am in your chant of purity
Embraced in your pure heart
Living, breathing in the centerness of your holiness.
Silence in your stillness,music to my heart, your heart my very existence!

Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014


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