Message of Love from Ascended Masters


Hello my dear family,
I welcome you and share with you this new message of love. Be aware I bring new revolutionary information that is outside of main channeling sources. What I bring sometimes requires a big leap of faith. Yet only take what resonates with you and discard the rest.

Every moment in time can be used as a catapult to move you forth and to allow you to take quantum leap in your reality and your understanding there of. The greatest  tool and step is to live in simplicity. Simplicity is the door to the extraordinary.

When living in simplicity the heart, yes the wondrous heart takes over and begins to unfold and transform into a beautiful flower. A beautiful way of life. The mind loves to complicate things In order to find structure, yet it is that very structure that keeps it caged within the confines of its own shortcomings.
Meditation is nothing else than an attempt to reach simplicity by quieting  the mind and removing that structure which  keeps it from flowing at the rhythm of the heart. Learning to be in the heart can be the greatest accomplishment humanity can achieve nowadays.
As I’m writing this message I find myself surrounded by a myriad of beings and guides, including my brothers Jesefia (Yeshua’s higher self), Saint Germain, Buddha and Sanat Kumara.  Enough to make you spin and jump in complete bliss. They join me as they are in agreement with my feelings and my thoughts about life and living. Humans tend to complicate themselves over little things when all it would take is a sound common sense and the ability to take life as it is, a beautifully orchestrated game. We are all here to win. No one is here to be left out or be less than. From the highest of the highest to the smallest grain of sand we are all crucial and just as important. If you don’t like something change it, we all have the power to transmute and create a reality filled with peace, joy and love.
It has always boggled my mind as to how people cannot just say no to war.  If people in the government want war then gear up and go fight your fight and leave the rest of us peace loving beings alone. That has always been my sentiment as someone who was born in a war torn country.  We would be better off being governed by children than by the greedy fools who love complicated.

Saint Germain who I have called Nicolo for years. ( Inside joke) 

My dear family I am here to tell you all to claim your divine heritage. Claim your freedom and claim yourselves once again. Allow yourselves to enter in the greatest flow of gratitude and compassion and witness abundance in every moment. Do not wait for financial means or reset to claim your joy. Live life to the fullest regardless of where you are because in reality you are always in the eternal now. Here you can redefined yourselves and transmute your now. It was the very reason why heaven allowed the anchoring of the Violet flame to bestow upon your planet the greatest transmutational force available at this level. The Violet Flame isn’t just for clearing and protection but  also it is a powerful tool for manifesting. When you use its resonance you begin to clear away your limitations and here you can realize that the Violet flame is the key to open divine flow and abundance. Bathe yourselves in the power of the Flames of manifestation!


I am Nirvana, I am pure golden flow, I am formless yet I am ever encompassing.
I gave up my form and myself in order to anchor the creational power of the golden essence of source. Call upon me and you shall be blessed by the golden hue and qualities of absolute bliss.

Many of us have come to prepare the path for the moment of Golden Ascension. That moment approaches steadily and with greater force and yet ever gentle in its approach to you all my avatars of change.
Envision my golden Essence and awaken your spirit to its highest light by a simple beckoning of our hearts to unite as one. There are no complicated formulas for our hearts to unite. Open your hearts and simply with love and your intention I shall bring you higher.

Sanat Kumara 

My family of creators eons ago I with the company of heaven descended upon your planet to anchor the templates of love. In order to raise the frequency of your mother Gaia who was in dire need of support. You all know the saying ” Ask and you shall receive. ” we have supported you unconditionally yet it is time for you all to claim yourselves once again.  Time to take flight and to allow your true vision to take hold. With open hearts a musical cord is sent out and this acts as a code of love. A code that beckons on the highest power, the power of love that created you all.
You can transform life by being in the presence of your holy selves behaving as one. Unity consciousness behind here. I have been dubbed Venusian yet I am so much more. I wish for you to know me and so I open my hearts and send you of my essence. Envision of golden reddish flame of light engulfing you and feel the surge of self and the power of the cord given by the divine heart.


We are all here giving and sharing bits of ourselves. It is up to you to call on us not to be your saviors but your cheering team. We are here to cheer you on and with our presence and our attributes boost your morale. Know the finish line approaches steadily and it is right in front of you.

I bestow upon all of my new essence. Call upon me by name and by frequency and visualize a white / bluish / golden light with hues of violet. Bathe within this moment and allow your hearts to absorb the power of this active powerful manifesting force. You can ask to combine all of our forces and place yourselves in the middle and through your intention we will uphold you and bring you closer to yourselves. We are here to uphold you but in full knowledge that this is a task that needs to be done by you. Much more will be shared in the days to come and we will begin to bring forth our reborn selves.

True freedom is upon you. Welcome and accept yourselves as the revolutionaries you are. We are all truly happy an in awe of your progress and ability to grow and adapt to the influx of light that is constantly increasing. Blessings from all of us!

Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014


  1. Ascension Angel says

    Jose, my heart expands beyond words reading this. More than words… you know me now… only a few channels resonate this clearly. You are… one of those channels. And one of the greatest friends I’ve had the honor of blessing my life on Earth. I love you dearly, brother ❤

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