Sacred Fire Technique/Meditation

Sacred Fire Breath
Pardon any grammar errors now more than ever but I just had to get this technique to you fresh off the press.
Today the 23rd of October has been extremely busy at every level. At a physical level it found me clearing old documents and attachments to past relationships. At an emotional level I had to release memories in relation to my previous marriage and in so many ways the dissolving or changing in dynamics a family unit. Mentally I am feeling sharp and wonderful which allowed me the clarity and presence of mind to be able to easily let go of old stuck energies by connecting to my higher self.

By breathing in the cosmic energies and the codes of unification of light through my pranic tubes and through my chakras and etheric body and light body I’m making the best of the tsunami of energy being. Bestowed upon our planet at a galactic and cosmic level. All day I have felt the power and direct connection to the divine being within our Sun. Download after download he has activated me and through that activation inspired me to do a simple technique, one he calls the Sacred Fire Breath.

Now more than even our Sun is becoming a greater and powerful portal through which cosmic and galactic energies enter our solar system at an accelerated pace. Being outdoors is great for such a technique but can be done any time any place. Now pre-eclipse it will be extreme beneficial.

Read first the follow the steps!
Simply start by grounding yourself. Imagine an umbilical cord going all the way into the core of Mother Earth and her twin the New Earth. See yourself and find another you within womb like surroundings existing simultaneously and parallel to each other. Embraced by unconditional love and the divine Mother. Visualize that love ascending through the cord all the way Into your heart and see how that love fires up your inner spark.
Next visualize another umbilical cord going up and connecting with the core of the Sun and also see the image of an etheric Sun, one that is brighter than the “physical” Sun. The cord attached to both an in both visualize yourself as if in a womb surrounded by absolute unconditional love. Allow that love to flow down into your mind at first. Feel it spark your higher mind. As your higher mind sparks a drip begins to happen into your heart. Drop by drop of liquid fire fall into your heart. Now both the fire from your inner spark awakened by Mother Earth blends with the solar liquid fire through your mind.
An expansion will take place and at this point you should feel a greater warmth running through your body.
At this point you are taking in the power and love and the codes of Sacred Fire granted through the galactic core and blessed by the love and essence of the “physical and Etheric” Suns. They are twins coexisting simultaneously.
At this point one by one starting from you Earth star Chakra at the bottom of your feet, see one by one becoming extremely bright and taking in the qualities of liquid fire. A fire that makes them take the appearance of a sun that pulsates like a heart. One by one and in a slow rhythm , your root, sacral, solar plexus, heart/higher heart, throat, their eye crown, and solar or soul star. ( for those who wish a more advanced experience keep going to your higherself chakra, christed chakra and so on.)
At this point you should be radiating out with the essence of a sun and the movement of sacred fire. Your pranic tubes will be very opened and behaving as a heart that breathe on their own. Your bodies will become aligned naturally and your light body will start to take over at this point.
Ask for your colors at this point and ask for the blessings of Holy Fire and Holy heart.
From this point on allow the Essence of the Sun to guide you as the experience will be unique to each individual.
There’s a gift waiting for you.

Soon I will post a more advanced technique and more details. As of now I wanted to share this much.
May you all enjoy this wonderful journey to the fullest.

Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014


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