The Art of Love Making and Women as the Flower of life


Here I am sharing and aspect of who I am and how amazing and wonderful I know and see women to be. Every single experience has led me to the greatest discovery of all. My direct connection and merging with my Higher Self and even the higher aspect of such.

This article applies to all beings in love.

The art of love making

“Love making is like a flower with a magical fragrance and a gracious hummingbird in a dance of joy” It is never about give and take but more as a balanced exchange and a bathing and basking in divinity and love itself in physical form. Love making is the letting go and the complete surrendering and the allowing and exposure of our complete vulnerabilities. The moment when we can touch and reach each others souls by and absolute unabashed union of selves.

In our more “advanced” society sex and love making have greatly been diminished by the lack of understanding the true nature of both. Sex in of itself has be completely been misunderstood through the lack of transparency by our parents, and our educational systems. Religion has gone as far as making judgments about what sex should be. I remember in my grandparents times it was only as a source of reproduction and the pleasure aspects were completely denied or ignored. It was made to believe that pleasure was sinful, and through that belief even nudity became shameful.

In making things shameful through our human nature of curiosity a new industry grew, the industry of pornography. Pornography is the failed attempt to make something so beautiful and easily denied more accessible in the privacy or our own homes. Problem with pornography is the animalistic view and use of women and their divine essence. They are treated and viewed as objects of pleasure. Danger here is when youngsters discover this and misunderstand through lack of education. Understanding the true way sexuality, love making and how women should be treated is a must for all of us.

I myself like most of us had to learn by trial an error the ways of love making. I grew up without parents and never had a direct education regarding the sacredness of the union in love between two beings. I remember I was so naive I would be scared of women and for years had nightmares of women having teeth in their vaginas. I was so sheltered and ignorant I never even heard the word masturbation until I was 15 years old. I actually started to develop sexually in my early 20’s as before it was just simple copulation as I lacked even the imagination to explore.

As the years went by and I developed in understanding of myself and after many years of reading books on how to pleasure women, I started to put into practice what I had learned. Why did I start reading books? When I was 16 or 17 years old I had my first experience that left me wondering, is that it? It was then I headed to the public library and read book after book regarding sexuality and the art of pleasuring women. In my mind I had the thought “ I do not want to be another wham bam thank you ma’am kind of guy.” At first as a young man it started as ego, wanting to be called a ladies man through my ability to give woman orgasm after orgasm. Which I did… but as I grew older I started to wonder is there more to just the simple fact of physical orgasms? Lo and behold there is more to it, there is magic and love and the connection of hearts.

I am indeed an explorer in every possible aspect of life, and sex and love making is also part of living to the fullest. At early age I understood life and the art of love making or simply having sex isn’t about pleasuring yourself or pleasuring your partner. It is about knowing and being and feeling you are pleasure itself and that understanding leads to pure bliss. There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying heart orgasms, cosmic orgasms and soul orgasms. The pure unadulterated eternal moment when you become life itself.
I have witnessed and experienced the opening of my entire energy system and that of my partner. I have felt kundalini awaken and rise naturally as the flow of my essence awakened the love of the divine within me. I have experienced tantric moments, and the eternal breath simply by listening to both our bodies joining in the wondrous intoxicating, blissful dance of love. In this moment life gives way to life, and god gives way to its purest divine self to shine forth.

I see now through my eyes of love and how women are indeed the incarnation of the flower of life in human form. The ability to expand and contract and to carry life is a miraculous action. The power to create life and the power to give that life the purest form of love in physical existence. The love of a mother and the love of a woman can be the closest we as humans can come to experiencing the love of divinity itself other than direct communion with the divine.

The greatest gift we as men can experience is the innocent and pure love of a woman. Have you ever seen the eyes of a woman in love and how she completely surrenders? A magical moment, heart warming and heart opening, to be a witness to Divinity blessing you. The way a woman surrenders, gives of herself and the deep look of love and reverence in her eyes. The moment she opens herself and her soul and her deepest secret, how in that moment she says “ I love you” with every breath, with every moan and with every particle of her essence. To be seen and loved as a God by this divine Goddess right before you is a true nectar of life.

I have seen the Divine Mother while making love with my wife… a direct incarnation of love itself. It is through her eyes I have seen the divine feminine sparkle and change into a well of life. I have witnessed and experienced the greatest magic of all, the joining of two souls as one who abandon the physical in that very moment and together become as love itself. Divinity loving divinity.

Yes I am in love with the Divine Mother, I see her in everything and in every woman I rest my eyes on. I see her beauty and her light shine pure and free. I feel her power and the power women carry through her blessings. It is this very reason I love and respect women to the fullest. In my eyes there is no other way as women are the carriers and givers of life, they are the true flower of life. My beloved divine feminine beings we await your rise and owning of your power. Society needs you, humanity needs you, life needs you.

Blessed are you among all creatures and beings beloved carriers of love.


Na Hi’El



Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014


  1. Heart Portal says

    A most revolutionary observation of the sacred human LOVE exchange. Thank you for your heartfelt vision/perspective. Thank you for your Soul Full expression. ❤

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