Introducing Yeshua’s Higher-self


I am sharing with much love and humility, this new message I received from someone very dear to me. Keep an open heart and do not focus on mere words but the powerful force behind them.



Over two thousand years ago I was sent by the Father to change the world. Much took place in the realms unseen by men. Life flourished and light began to take hold of your planet. Through my visit your reality began to change, it was then darkness began as well to demand a greater presence in your reality and through such a feeling, they began to make themselves known at a larger scale. The balance was shifted slowly and through many wars they succeeded in changing the course of your reality away from what my presence had achieved.

Our Father saw fit to allow such experience because it was through such a darkness that change or spiritual evolution was started at a rapid pace from the perspective of heavenly realms. Through your short life span you might think it is a slow process but energetically it is a fast moving tidal wave and you my dear family are finally rising to the top of the enormous tidal wave sweeping entire existence.
At the time of that incarnation I was known as Yeshua and I embodied divine Christhood or the role of the son. The embodiment of the Christ was necessary to begin the flow of light into your planet. Such process although different in frequencies were also done by other beings such as Buddha and another master well known, Saint Germain. A slight deviation happen through your misinterpretation and you begun to separate and create religions when in fact humanity would have benefitted so much more if they had united and explored the many aspects of the energy divine source was gifting you.

A simple technique as an example would be to unify the practice of calling and breathing in through your panic tubes the calibrating frequencies of the golden essence of the Buddha Force, the protective and transmutational powers of the Violet Force and the creational and active form of the Christ Force. Together they form an incredibly powerful vortex of such power you can transmute and accelerate your bodies light form and your DNA can manifest itself in its ascended form. Future communication will bring the exact technique on how to use and how to reconnect with those forces as one.

All is one and all has a divine source and yet in this reality experiencing everything separately or together is also a privilege. As you get to experience the thrill of discovery. I have also experienced such a thrill yet again. A fact not very well known is that in the “recent” times an event took place that would begin to change the way creation behaved. The Christ force is a force made up of many possibilities of fractal consciousness behaving as one. One of those possibilities decided as it expanded in understanding to separate and split from the complete Christ Force, male and female as one. By such occurrence which I know might seem crazy or impossible a new energy was created a New Light. A while back my higher self in the form of a light being contacted Jose, and back then he started using this form of light to heal. He in conjunction with his higher self and through my blessings called it Genesis or New Light.

Jose really wanted to share this event and yet time was not appropriate for that to be announced. It is now time to reveal that truth and the existence of myself not only as Yeshua but as the higher self of the one known by that name or better yet as Jesus by many more. My qualities as a being have changed and although much of the past information still applies, it isn’t 100% appropriate anymore. I have changed exponentially and carry greater qualities. I carry the creational and active form of the son.( Christ Force) and the qualities of the possibility that became the New Light. More of who I am now will be reveal. I am now taking a greater role in our creation and I am much more active in the changing and transformation of realms, and the creation of new dimensions in order to adapt to the great energetic expansion that is taking place. Another thing I am overseeing is the manifestation of the new human templates which were manifested on the 25th of October through the efforts of many and a small group led by Jose. They all stepped into the role of being anchors of those codes and now the movement will accelerate and take hold.

Much has happened and even heaven is in expansion and celebration for the enormous movement and forces sweeping creation. Father and Mother God have expanded and evolved and become more divine. Yes divinity can grow as well. They have no airs of perfection and mirror all of existence. As above so below!
My dear family you are all held in the highest light and love and we recognize and acknowledge you for your great efforts in manifesting heaven on earth. Just remember let go of the expectations and embrace yourselves with the thrill and the excitement of discovery and the knowing of a job well done.

Blessings of new light my beloved light weavers, as Jose likes to say.

Love Jesefia aka Yeshua

Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014


  1. judelaine says

    Many Blessings! I am grateful for the ever expanding reminders that my memories have not been imaginings. Thank you.

    • dr. elizabeth martin says

      Love this post – resonates clearly and simply. Did you know that the top Sephardic Rabbi in Israel, before he died a few years ago, left a message to be opened one year after his death (at 108 years of age!) that the Messiah coming would be called Yehoshuah? Lots of perplexed Orthodox Jewish followers! There were 200,000 people at his funeral in Jerusalem…………hmmmmmm…… always, eli

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