Divine Mother shares a little about Divine Union Force


Among the greatest miracles of life, we are about to witness the greatest miracle. The miracle of the full presence in spirit and manifestation of Divine Mother. It has taken the entire age of creation for such happening to take place. The complete merging of the awakening codes of Divine Father and Divine Mother. For those who are sensitive and even many who aren’t it is completely undeniable that the presence of the divine is upon us. Unification of light is nearer and nearer by the day.

The blessings of heaven are now upon us and it is time to lift our hearts in the song of joy. We must finally accept the change of life that is taking place. We can not and must not avoid our responsibility to live in joy and manifest in love. As the greatest atonement in the history of existence is taking hold in our very reality.

How fortunate we all are to be part of this incredible and amazing unfoldment of a greater level of light. The evolution of light itself is a magnificent event in the lives of all of us. Feel the deepest of joy, aware or unaware, awake or asleep as the miracle of having the presence of the Mother of Mothers, the queen who reigns over light, over love and over all is here to stay.

Divine Mother

Blessed are you within my sacred heart. My children, all who reside within the cosmic holy womb. I am here to bless existence from light to void and beyond. The time of change at the deepest layer of life is a grand event.

I and the Father have since the moment before creation waited for this grand event, this moment when light evolves beyond itself. It has been a wonderful unfoldment and yes for humanity it has been quite a journey. You have for thousands of years lived in separation. Much was as it was intended and because of it you are now granted the blessings of life.

I wish to remind you and for those who are not aware there are three aspects to the Christ Force. Male, female and neutral. Since the beginning of time it was through the creational union of Father and I that such complete force was created. I also wish to reveal magical news upon the completion and this only in your linear time as in essence it has already taken place the birth of a new force. A force that in your human terms can be called a sibling to the Christ Force. This will be a completely unified force, an energy of a new frequency that will assist in the transcendence of this game.

Never has this energy been manifested or been at play at any level. It is taking place now because not only have we your creators evolved, but also your creation and your souls and spirits have blossomed into another level of light. Through this new unified force a new game is now being started. It is the time for joy and happiness and peace to reign eternal.

There are vast portions of the universe where beings live in absolute peace. There are also parts where balance is still necessary and Earth is within one of those parts. On this side of the universe duality has been lived to its highest degree and here you have the most opportunities and possibilities for growth.

The Unified Force has the frequency and the vibration to bridge duality into a holy union. Every being whether functioning within light or within darkness or neutrality will accept and recognize this new energy as the bond and the heaven where differences can and will cease to exist. This new vibration is the missing piece to end duality and it is the beginning of the promised golden age.

I am not here to punish or to play as judge.I am here to bring balance and to smooth the frequencies that have kept change from being more fluid. Every single being has the right to live life at its fullest and that includes those you have deemed the illuminati, cabal, grey and reptilians. They will all feel and see the new light. This new energy will open their hearts. Patiently you have all waited and I only ask for you to be patient a little longer. Allow this new force the time and the space for their evolution to be aligned.

What to expect from this new force

Imagine the sturdiest and the most efficient of bridges is being manifested. A place where life finds itself. Where reality awakens and old paradigms fold and new ones unfold only to fold again, making room for absolute self. Throughout the known and the unknowns parts of your universe there is a new grid of light being created. Your planet mirrors what is taking place by having a new grid created around it as a new way of life and creation and even manifestation around your sphere. This shall in effect activate your own energies and new grids of the body that will begin to carry new life. This new life will bring you in the direction of change and evolution into peace and peaceful living.

There is another layer being activated within your DNA. This new layer will be more and more apparent in the new generation of children. Those things such as senses considered metaphysical and magical will begin to awaken and will become common which will lead to what is already happening to many of those who have activated their DNA. New senses are developing, new abilities beyond what has been deemed psychic which in reality is your natural state of existence.

Back to the new force, this is a merge of the higher essence of the holy trinity of divine creators. This new unified force is the result of such divine union and something that there is no word in your vocabulary. This is a creative force field of creational frequencies which can be termed Divine Union Force. As a result of the Divine Union Force, greater levels of your game and a new game are being activated. Life just expanded! The cycle of birth ad death and reincarnation will dramatically shift into a new reality. One where you are allowed to live to your highest potential and at your highest potential of the multidimensional self.

This new Divine Union Force is the unified field that connects all the dimensions and all realities and all universes including the parallel ones. There is great potential and new potentials that are giving way to a number of new possibilities. Quantum physics is about to meet its match.

My love, my blessings and the grand birth of a new force are upon you.


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