Sublime Wave of the Holy Self/ Integration codes

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While many have been distracted waiting for the so called wave x the most beautiful energies have been uplifting our planet’s and our body’s frequency. Previously I had mentioned the Contingency Wave and the one which is touching down today the 22nd, the Sublime Wave of the Holy Self. I’m  sure many have already started to experience altered states of consciousness.

The afore mentioned waves don’t originate just from our source but from farther and beyond what many can comprehend. They say the greatest revolution will happen in the silence of the night. While many wait for the in fashion things, wave x being one of them the powerful sublime internal revolution might be missed. I agree a lunar eclipse and a blood moon are powerful but there are greater forces at play that need to be considered.

Also many are experiencing different symptoms, emotions being stirred, traumas coming to light to be transmuted. I did not write about symptoms and feelings as many attribute them to ascension symptoms, although there’s so much more than just that. Also I believe it is a beautiful feeling to receive and to expect the unexpected without expectations. We are so conditioned to be told what to do, what to receive and so on.

Now it is our time and our moment to claim our birthright. We do not need someone else to guide us, in fact you don’t even need me to write any more as it is all within you. Why Am I not bringing forth a message from archangel Michael or the Holy  Creators? Simply because I am connected to my divine knowing and it is through that knowing I can bring you in my own words the powerful essence being presented to us. You are being mirrored and reminded of whom you are. Let’s just say I am “channeling” my Holy Self.

Take a moment and on this day, channel your Holy Self. Tap into the sacredness of the energy all around us now and bring forth your inner beauty. Your holiness now manifested by the love of our divine Creators. Allow the music of the heavenly spheres within you be activated. God Know you are God!

It is time to express yourselves to the highest degree of your inner light. Time for the student to become the master. Go within and go forth and reclaim your inner mastery. How many of you have taken charge of your reality? How many are waiting for someone else to do it for you? No, No, No the time is here to claim yourselves and your responsibility and you will receive your divine heritage. Your lineage is of royalty, now go forth and be as one.

Blessings my beloved family and may you claim your power and may you be the creator and manifest your most beautiful reality and a lovely peaceful life.

In the sacred space of my holy heart I feel a passionate fire
I Am that I Am
The flame of life dancing to the tune of creation
I Am Om
Life dancing to the blissful state of my Self
I Am Bliss

I exist within the womb of life
I Am Gratitude
The cosmic fold I call my own
Grace I Am
Spiraling within the original force
Golden Love I am
The eternal void, forever space
Holy Time I am

Creational Power in the sublime self
I Am Word
Miraculous presence in passionate existence
Life I Am
Golden Time as the light of the Sun
Sovereign I am

Pure Space
Boundless Joy
Free I Am!

Eternal heart as Love
Cosmic orgasm experiencing a Divine Orgasm
I see me as I Am

Here’s a gift to assist you in integrating the Sublime Wave.


Copyright Jose Sanchez 2015

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