A Call To Arms To All of Humanity


A Call to Arms to All of Humanity

Dear Humanity,

Now is our time to take action, our governments are all self serving and we need to eradicate them from such position of power. They do not deserve to be there, getting fatter by the day by the hard work of hard working people. Many if not most of the people in office have been bought by the big corporations, by the so called elite and so on.

Remember we are 99% who all wish for a happy peaceful life. They like to play with our lives as if we were expendable and to them we are. To them our lives are nothing more than a toy to be thrown away at their will. Guess what they do not represent us, we are sovereign beings and as such we must let them know how powerful we are.

If we join forces in love and raise our voices in peace we can put an end to the torment they have brought upon us. We can liberate ourselves from their hold and we can bring forth an age of peace. We can start in small communities and create mini economies that can interconnect world wide. Let’s drop the central banks, and the self serving governments, they no longer serve the people and they haven’t for centuries.

How long must we be at their beck and call? How long must we allow our precious lives and our precious planet be destroyed by their greed? How long will we be divided by silly indifferences such as religion and culture?

We can all pray together or separately with the knowing that the creator the divine being goes by many names and we all hold a divine truth. Muslims can pray to Allah all they wish, Christians can pray to Jesus all they please, Hindus can pray to their many gods, Catholics can all call upon Mother Mary and all the Saints and in essence we all want the same, a direct connection to the divine. Our unity, our love and respect for each other is our direct connection to the divine. We must respect our wishes and belief systems and never force them upon each other.

We are free to believe and to strive for a happy peaceful abundant life. If we unite we can all be abundant, we can all have enough. We can all find our place in society and know we are all useful to the whole. We have the brains and the hearts to unite. We need to allow our inventors who are conscious and aware to bring forth the new technologies, free unlimited energy. We can allow the new innovations in agriculture and grow organic healthy food in small spaces, in fact why not create central gardens within our communities where we all share and care for each other.

Mother Earth has the capacity to easily provide for at least 14 billion of us, let’s not allow their fear mongering and their greed makes us believe otherwise. We need to cut their food supply. They feed on our ignorance and our fear. In fact thats why most countries in the world do not allow free education because an educated population is not easy to control.

We can easily be the care takers of this planet and of each other, we must love and live with respect. That’s all we wish for and all we must manifest, but we can’t wait for our governments and our politicians to do it. They never have our best interest in mind, they only promise colorful beautiful things when they want to be elected but once in office they turn around and give us the finger and a big FUCK YOU. It is up to each one of us to realize where the power is, the power is within us. I know there are many who trust in their government but I say to all of you, let’s trust each other first. We can help and support each other and remember in our unity is our true blessing and our true religion.

I am sending this Call to Arms to all of humanity. This is a peaceful call and our only weapons will be our loving hearts and our thinking minds combined with a unifying common sense and a desire to be happy. Look at every politician and you will see misguided greedy humans who need to be reminded who they work for and if not for the people them they need to be immediately fired!

We don’t need them but we do need our unity. Within a decade if we all unite we can bring balance to Mother Earth by being the care takers, she will do the rest. We can find ways to stop using petroleum based products, coal products and anything else which damages the environment. We can learn to recycle and reuse and in fact we have the technology for free unlimited power source that is healthy for the environment.

Let us use every angle, every possible way of learning new ways and let’s change directions into a united prosperous humanity. All of us deserve to be happy regardless of race, creed, belief system and so on. In the end we are all here to manifest our greatest peace, we all wish the best for our children, we all love and we all protect. Let’s protect ourselves from those who only want war, famine and fear.

Each and every single one of us has the great capacity to love, to feel compassion and to know now is the time for the greatest revolution of all. This revolution is now and it will unify us if we start seeing our differences as well as our similarities with eyes of love and respect.

Look into your hearts and drop any differences and unite! Every child in the world deserves to play and be happy. Look at your own children and wish the same love and joy for every child in the world. We must claim our power as well as our innocence back.

Love and compassion will manifest divine Grace into every single being on this planet. Take action my dear humans, my dear family. Claim your right to be Human, to be the carrier of compassion, a compassion so great the heavens and all our hearts will tremble with love and joy and pride for what we represent.

If and when we all unite in a common interest of peace, terrorism will stop, poverty will stop, separation will stop. We have the power to change the world but first we must change our selves and our indifferences and unite. Unite, Unite, Unite and let us usher the new age of respect, love and understanding. Humans we are, humans we will always be and as such we need to be.

I love you all and may your hearts heed the call to unity and to raise your arms in unison as we all usher peace and prosperity for all. United we stand, united we must change the world. May love lead the way.

Universal Love


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