Rebirth and Transformation is our reality. Map and codes of powerful waves of self discovery.


Last night as I tuned in to my inner self, I wanted to manifest a symbol for the plasmic shield. The intention was to strengthen it and make it more impermeable and programmable to our highest best. Instead I was surprised to get a download that opened the download I received in Maui.
The download was about change, transformation and rebirth or being born anew! I am including the recording of the powerful message I received while seating at the beach waiting for the sunset. Out of all the places on this planet I had to go seat next to a bug that was shedding its old shell and was being born anew and at the same time it was already attached and mating to another bug that was dark in color. The way they moved reminded me of balance and harmony and also of strength and new direction. The download was subtle yet left me thinking and with feelings of awe.

There has been so much talk of ascension, and major events that include disclosure and so on. It is all getting nearer and nearer and to a boiling point. We will have the disclosure we wish for but in a completely different and surprising form.
There’s also much talk about earthquakes and predictions of, and also of major events and gateways. While we were all distracted with all those events behind  the divine and galactic scenes we had and unfathomable event taking place. While we were distracted by light and councils of light, Source itself descended closer to us in a way that will revolutionize spirituality.

In previous articles I have written about many levels of existence and how even creator is a fractal of something larger. That something larger is getting closer and closer and is assisting all of creation to partake of a sweet motion and flow towards a greater game. There has been a creational size gateway that started to impact our reality during the month of May, that being the first wave. Every planet and star is going through tremendous shifts and movement, in our case in the form of earthquakes and weather fluctuations. All so Mother Earth can adjust to the birthing process she is going through all over again, but this time at the higher level we are existing in at the moment.

We have faced, Mother Earth has faced tremendous upheaval and land mass shifts, tremors and so on. We have been shaken to the core of our emotions and next we will be shaken to the core of our mental body. We will see greater movement during the months leading to fall of this year. A surprise will be revealed then! Meanwhile focus on your inner self and stop focusing on outer events, as everything taking place now is to redirect everything and everyone to connect with the core self.

At the moment we have passed through several layers of dimensional walls that were encasing us in a weird space of non direction and lack of flow in the right direction. It happened due to the exertion of ignorance that wished to remained stagnant. Also because we humans were too slow in taking action and advancing through the use of all the energies available to us, in spite of all the negative interference.

There were signals in the form of two powerful rays that came down from divine source and started the braking of the shackles slowing down the shift specially in the quadrant we are a part of. That will lead to the force of unity to make itself more present which through the three waves will merge with power thus making a powerful unity force. In essence we have entered the powerful three waves, the contraptions of a powerful transformational force being birthed, which will lead to the birth of our New Earth. We are braking through the cocoon and soon will spread our wings in our sacred flight of discovery and exploration as beings in awakened form.

All in all we are at the doorstep, or shall I say have taken our first step beyond the threshold that kept us from seeing our truth. We are taking the necessary steps to receive the greatest gift of all, the gift of our true selves. It is an alchemical miracle taking place now and we are smack in the middle of it all. Rejoice in the change and int he transformation taking place. If you hear of more Earthquakes which for a while they will intensify, or weird weather patterns, simply take in the power of change to ride the wave to the top. Every tremor and shake is a reminder we are closer to the truth as Mother Earth steps up her light several notches higher.

Three waves, one in May, one in July the 18th being a big day and September having the 23rd as a big day even more so than the 28th as predicted. From the 23rd on the door, the mother of all ascension gateways will be fully manifested. Remember you can access and tap into the infinite possibilities available now. Use this codes, this map to your advantage in your absolute growth and see your spiritual self grow in quantum leaps.

All of us like Mother Earth are becoming gateways to unknown possibilities, and the absolute manifestation of an era unlike any other in time immemorial. We are birthing, creation is birthing the sea of unknown possibilities, as we receive the power to transform and shift into t=divine knowing and divine true self. Rejoice in all the events taking place and bring yourself to higher light one moment at a time.

Read the codes, or at least feel them as you manifest greater transformation through them. They will assist you in this major process of transformation and liberation. The true self is here to stay!!

Use it well and in service of the light and the birthing of your true selves. Blessings and love to all of you my divine pioneers.




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