Making the choice for change, The Galactic Seed of Individuality, Divine Transmission of Photons


Making the choice for change

Lately I have been experiencing a myriad of feelings and thinking a million thoughts a minute. Why has that been happening to me? The answer is very simple, I have changed myself and transformed. A much greater part of one of my highest aspects of my multidimensional self has descended and I am left feeling more human than ever.

Through that descent I am now seeing much more clearly what our entire mission as humans has always been; to manifest the divine in physical form. The only difference this time is that we can no longer neglect the basic human aspect. In the past the human side was discarded as ascension took place. In this new time we are manifesting the divine in our physical forms and learning to value the physical vehicle much more. The value is placed because we are beginning to understand that even our physical cells are completely amazing and divine themselves.

Even our ego can no longer just be denied or neglected or even vanquished. Banishing the ego is not even the point any more. Simply said our belief system has to be unlearned. I honestly spend every day trying to unlearn everything I have learned and to transform myself in the purity of the nothingness that is left behind. I digressed, I wanted to say that even that part of us, that consciousness that makes up the energy and the particles of what composes the ego, like everything else can be transformed. We can reprogram it to behave differently and to be a powerful ally in this our physical reality.

By choosing to accept every angle and aspect of what comprises our human selves we can make huge strides in our growth. For so long I like many others have battled my ego through the belief system I had that it was bad. I meditated with the intention to rid myself of all ego. Until my higher self and several masters explained to me in detail that it isn’t the ego that needs to be destroyed but the need to rid ourselves of something so crucial and necessary in this our reality. I was also told how even at the higher levels the part of our energetic make up deemed the “ego” is such a powerful tool that in fact grants us our unique individuality.

The Galactic Seed of Individuality

Just as easily as I can understand the origins of the “ego” or the galactic seed of individuality. Many truths can now be understood and put to use to our greatest benefit. Eons ago the galactic seed of individuality was tampered with by a race of beings who had a need to control others and to belittle them in order to serve their own greedy purposes. They used their advanced technology and understanding of universal laws to reprogram the galactic seed of individuality. Unfortunately for us that reprogramming created separation of the brains and it was then the separation of the left and right hemispheres of the brain took place. We humans are not the only ones who have been exposed to such a reprogramming, and many worlds have experienced this new and not so great way of existing.

By polluting the galactic seed of individuality a veil was created that made it seem like we, our bodies and our souls were disconnected and that disconnect created separation between ourselves and the Divine Creator. To make a long story short, we have been misguided by a program that can now be healed. We can once again reclaim our pure galactic seed of individuality, the so called ego can be completely transformed into what it was created for.
It was individuality of the divine spark of the divine in order to experience and know itself as a unique individual.

Descension of the Higher Self

In this case decision being an extremely good thing. As my “higher self” decided to descend I assumed I would feel more godly and yes I was right I felt holier, part of me felt the sacredness of my God Spark reconnecting with my human form. What really took me by surprise was the way I would start feeling more human than ever. My humanity suddenly took over, I felt baffled and deeply confused. How could it be possible that by connecting to my God Spark I would feel such “lowly” feelings? Why should I a star seed feel so utterly human? Now I say this my questions were not of arrogance or disbelief, but more so from feeling such an alien sensation. I had always felt more than human and in fact had a hard time feeling myself to be human. Now I feel a sense of pride or even purpose as I experience my humanity.

My Divine Human Self

Now that my God Spark resides in awareness within my human form I have a great sense of love for myself. For my human self is a miracle, a magical self. We as humans are so unique, we endure so much, adapt and rise to heights greater with each passage of time. The entire purpose of being here is to manifest the divine, yes I’m sure we have all heard that before. But to experience it and know it first hand is unlike anything else. Knowing such a truth gives our lives a greater sense of divinity and greater purpose. I even feel like I want to meditate even more, not because I wish to connect to a greater force outside of myself but because I wish to know this human form more intimately.

I have also discovered through such observation of the self that we as humans have indeed evolved so much in the past twenty years and so much more in the past two years. We are in fact adapting so quickly and it was that very reason why we are now being granted the access to the inner core and the sacred temples of the heart. Did you know that now there is in existence a Sacred Council of the Holy Heart specially for humans? Our multidimensional reality within the heart is unlike anything we have seen in the entire history of humanity. We have many layers that have and are now unfolding and many more that are simply brand new.

The New Rays and New Forces are adding a greater dimensionality not only to our beloved Mother Earth and her inhabitants but to all of us. Humanity is about to have a great awakening. Quantum leap is a phrase that is used for fast pace growth. When one state of being abruptly transforms into the next state. I will now introduce another idea, that there is a faster way of transforming that is much greater and faster than quantum leaping. New states of being and new states of light conjoined with these new rays and forces are simply revolutionary in what is actually taking place.

Divine Transmission of photons

We have all heard Godspeed, God speed is simply the instantaneous movement or the displacement of divine or pure energy from one place to the next. A movement so fast that time and space cease to exist. When that happens distance disappears and unity is achieved.
As I write this my consciousness seems to be reaching a state of Divine Transmission of photons that I suddenly seem to have access to a breath of the new reality. Humanity existing as the new human in the new Earth. Advanced in technology beyond our wildest desires, and unity of the self. We have become advanced but closer to our beloved Mother. We are in complete harmony with her and with our selves and our divine Creators. The Creator has taken a new form and has expanded beyond what we can even understand now. In essence I now have and I share with you a new sense of hope. We have done it my dear family and I have witnessed it. “We are already there and believe me it has happened in our lifetimes.”

Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014


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