Blessings to all

By suggestion of a friend of mine I connected with the essence of Buddha and he made Me understand so much.
Blessings my dear family,


There is no separation at the core of everything. Distance, separation are only a necessary perception to see the magnitude of the All. Deep within the very core of your divinely inspired existence is the absolute knowing that you are one and everything. Ascension, beyond ascension is all a natural process of your hearts desire to know itself.

The natural process needed for god to know god. For love to know love. You are here receiving the absolute blessings of who you really are, you are all indeed blessed to the highest degree.

Being able to experience and love life to the fullest is a necessity and a
Wonderful tool to overcome the cleansing taking place within us all. Our highest light can never be diminished in our place of love. We are here to be divine mirrors and for those whose darkness is ready to be cleansed they will be attracted to you. Whether it is by your light or by their own darkness being reflected back in order for them to understand the true light existing inside their hearts. People will see you as they are and our purpose as light and love weavers is to remain strong and centered in our own loving hearts.

We are the rays of sunshine bringing light into the very core of everything. We are the awakened ones at the forefront of the greatest revolution taking place within and without. We are the ones who have known darkness, who have transmuted our own darkness brought by pain. We are now here shining and loving our divine spark as we have transcended the need to choose, since we know light and love is our true existence.

There is so much power within us and there so much humility within that power. Compassion is our beacon and our path to bring us forth into the mission of the soul. Be happy, be in love with your life and let’s take this to the grand new beginning being manifested now.

Time to rejoice in our greatest accomplishments as we have endured so much. We are here to be free and to be the best humans and the best teachers we chose to be here and now. Our unity is our strength!



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