Bridges of Light

Wisdom and knowledge are truly innate within us all. It is from that very place of wisdom I bring forth my message of light and may it help you see the beauty within your heart.



Since the dawn of humanity we were born to serve as bridges of light. To be the ones who bring, weave and anchor the reality of heavenly realms into the denser aspects of existence. With the passing of time and as we evolve we become more and more sophisticated in our ability to bridge the light.
As humans awaken in this day and age something spectacular is taking place. Each and everyone who awakens becomes the fabled rainbow bridge. We then realize ourselves as the seekers, the explorers, the found and the founders of a reality that is simply magnificent.

Imagine being a super conscious being as a rainbow bridge, so advanced that the bridge itself becomes the light flowing through it as it enters the lower realms. The bridge, the light and the two realms being connected all functioning as one unit. We are accomplishing that. It is then we cease to feel the separation and become who we truly are. Love becomes our path, love becomes our guide and love is who we become when the veil vanishes and true form reveals itself.

We all have control of what is allowed on that bridge, many allow pain and ugliness to flow and in doing so luster is lost and detachment from life begins. Life becomes more unbearable and it is when people begin to complain about how bad life is. They are so fast to judge life through their dirty filters and their fast paced monkey mind.

Many only identify with their monkey mind not knowing or acknowledging the beautiful beings that they are because the monkey has assumed control. A fake control too as it is only and illusion wanting to control another illusion. Allowing ones inner beauty to take over brings light back into the eyes and life back into the heart.

This day and age we certainly have more power and control as to what we allow through. As we aren’t just the vessel or the bridge but we become the energy that flows through it. We can be unimaginably beautiful by letting a full flow of creation itself. We are moldable an imperially majestic and beautiful and as such we can flow with the most absolutely loving presence and as such can be the greatest healers, artists, painters, and so much more.

The greatest point within this human bridge is the heart and the sacred heart. The mind is only 15 percent of the great power held within the human form. By unlocking the sacred heart an entire realm of existence is allowed to flow to the highest degree. Life the grandest flow, life the sacred joy, life the point beyond the veils of existence.

Awakening the ocean within
Bring your attention to the point between your eye brows and where the nose begins. Then Place your hand or your index and middle finger where the thymus is. Now breathe between those two points and see it create a column of light between them. As this takes place and you keep breathing with true intention, a sphere of light will begin to rhythmical pulse, it will be as an ocean moving back and forth.

It is here when you embrace this rhythm that you will know who you are. As bridges of light the dimensions open and a greater accessibility and grander the make up and appearance of the bridge becomes. The bridge that joins the two sides and where separation dissolves.


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