Holy Creators blessing symbol and my inspiration


The past couple of days since I communicated with the Holy Creators have been busy and also have made me analyze myself in greater detail. I have gone within and have made it a point to reconcile fully with the last remaining aspects of myself that required my unconditional attention. When we lear to reconcile with ourself, our skeletons in the closet and any guilt or shame we are or have experienced, it is then easier to get to the core of who we really are.

One of the greatest joys I have experienced through my personal journey is the reconnection with my heart and my soul. Once that happened my soul was able to fully inhabit my body as there was no resentment on my part and no pain to chase my soul away. Day by day I was able to then experience greater and greater levels of joy. My body reached such levels of ecstasy that I had to make gargantuan efforts to ground in order to remain in physicality as I strongly feel I need to be here all the way through.

I used to completely dislike channeling before my soul reconnected and as I experienced soul retrieval I gained a greater sense of who and how I am. It was then my understanding of channeling gave light to an entire new way of being.I learned and realized the oneness in us all and how such a unity can help us grow to our common goals. Our goal and our mission in life is to be the best Me we can be. I learned through my commitment to self and self love, and let me remind you there is no magic bullet aside from infinite love. Infinite love requires infinite commitment to self improvement.

Getting to know you better can only lead to getting to know beauty and joy. By knowing who and how we are we start loving and living a life without need for masks. We simply become transparent and it is then when we can fully see and experience the depths of our selves.

With me what you see is what you get, there is no pretentiousness and no ego making me feel greater than thou. I am who I am and I give always my all and my best. I am as humble as can be and still I am in my power. I do not preach or pretend I know better as in the end I know nothing, but I do have a tremendous desire to be of service and to share all of me.

But I digress, The Holy Creators are unlike anything I could ever describe. Their vibration, their frequency is so subtle and powerful at the same time. I feel as if when they approach me my entire DNA, my entire being is welcoming them in the highest recognition.
I bring to you through the blessings of my divine knowing and the infinite love of the Holy Creators who are here with me as I express myself here, all the love that love is!

We have the greatest vintage point and we are so very happy of the direction the game is taking. Dear humanity you need to be completely proud of yourselves because you are overcoming your greatest obstacles and now to take responsibility of your own liberation and enlightenment. We are witnessing the greatest evolution and it is taking place through you all and it is because of that reason we are offering this upgrade/activation as a gift for your great service to the all.

Print this symbol if possible as it is best to hold and take in through your hands. Also another way is to take in through your eyes and meditate on it and receive the blessings of the Holy Creators. Note: The symbol below is not an activation to channel Holy Light.


I will be also offering specialized vibrational symbols in conjunction with the Holy Light sessions. | Book a session | Order a personalized vibrational symbol.

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