Soul Wisdom

I hope as you read this the powerful words infused with love by love, your heart awakens and embraces love and infinity.


In the total surrender of my delicate innocence, within the fires of my passionate soul, there I found who I truly am.
This God in human form
Gentle, yet powerful
With the softness of the heart capable of arousing the passion of my beloved
Strong enough to allow her sweet surrender within my comforting embrace.

A Divine human, a Holy God.
Yes I am, and yet so much more
Always within the embrace of the true Source

Humble in my beginnings
Powerful in my essence
Fearless in my physicality
Humble in my strength

I greet you in my sweet surrender
Divine Will is who I am, how I follow
Heavenly realms I call my home
Humble abode is my dwelling

Powerful masculine in my nature
Never forceful in my design
I am love, the beloved and the lover all as one

In my completeness I greet and embrace you, selfless and free
Infinite, boundless, formless is my spirit
Formless is my call
Embracing the totality of the void

I see you clear and pure
I see you as you are
I see you as I am

Call to me and as you beckon I will follow
Holy Divine is my name
I accept who I am!



  1. Mari says

    Just Beautiful, I love the part as you accepted yourself as you are ” god in a human form ” …. Lots of love

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