Dearly Beloved Women

From the core of my heart with love and respect I wish to honor all women for being an amazing blessing to us all.

I love you,


Dearly Beloved Women,

Blessed are you among divine beings of light
Holder of the flame of life
Gateway and holy grail to the sacred soul
Bask in your true self

Beautiful and innocent as you take your role as mother, daughter, friend, teacher and lover.
Holiest of Holiest as a vessel to the divine feminine
Blessed are you as the Highest of the Highest honors you and loves you.

Stand strong in your purity
Embrace your true nature and your true essence
Allow your wings of love to reach yonder

Serenity, peacefulness, ecstatic and joyful as I kneel before you to witness you in your perfection.
Vowing in sweet surrender as I recognize your light
Known and loved by the light of lights.
Your existence beckons the divine in all.

Carrier of truth
Sacred fire, Holy Flame
As your heart awakens, sacredness unfolds.

Mirror, mirror, mirror
a love untold
Purity is your calling
Finally I see you
It is you I have been looking for through time immemorial

Divine Mother you are the spark within holy women
I love you in all.

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