White Tara on ISON and Portals of Love

It is with the great love I greet you my dear family of light. Mother Earth and humanity are beautiful and shiny and look like a Fourth of July majestic sparkler from our heavenly perspective.
Many are now awakening now with incredible speed and your beloved planet is doing an amazing job in her divine service of supporting you in your growth to become the creators you have always been intended to.

The many new energies and the new light infusing and surrounding you like a golden, silver light is quite beautiful to watch. ISON awakened the new codes within your sun and now those energies are activating the new codes within your DNA.
Yes many see and saw what they needed to see and out of fear witnessed the ship ISON disappear and apparently disintegrate and for those awakened enough and with the eyes to see, see it and feel it as it approaches and comes closer to your dear planet.
It carries within it the energies of the new light and the new Earth now fully manifested which is now bringing you closer to your exalted existence. You are to be divine, you are to know the divine and you are to manifest the divine fully in your day to day existence.
ISON also carries the new reality that will allow and lead to disclosure of life in other planets and that you are not alone.
For those of you who now know and believe of extraterrestrial life it will pleasantly bring you closer to them and for those in fear it will help awaken their hearts so that they may be ready to accept the truth with courage and peace in their hearts.

Your new reality is swiftly making itself known and the infusion of new light is so fast it is literally making your heads spin, or your light bodies to be more exact.
My dear family I’d like to say you need not concentrate on what is taking place around your planet as it is part of her awakening and part of your responsibility to be co-creators and to help make your planet a beautiful paradise.
Focus on opening to love, in being love and mostly focus on being walking active portals of love.
When you act as the portals of love not only will you become anchors of such a love but also beacons to shine and be seen from all over the universe. As you open your heart portals of love you will be filled with divine forgiveness, love and a compassion so great you will finally have the heart to forgive yourselves and everyone else in order to clear your old energies and to bring forth the divinity within all you.

As you walk as active portals of love you are doing your part in clearing your own energy which will join others and accelerate your growth in the unity that is humanity as one solid light consciousness.
My dear family we love you so much beyond words, and we are so happy for your loving hearts and the expansion taking place now.

I will also like to say that Jose had an amazing connection with the All as he opened his heart portal recently and he had the experience of feeling a bliss filled with purity and innocence and he was guided through his heart as his I am Presence merged with him to write and describe what he experienced in that holy moment. What he was not fully aware of in his bliss was the fact that as he wrote such a words the holy trinity, Father God, Mother God and the Christ force were infusing his words with their light and their power of love to be shared and felt by those who read such words. There are many activations of light within as well.

Go my dear family and be love and be peace and experience the grand new reality that is now in your hearts waiting to be experienced and merged with as you open your heart portals of love.

This is what I wrote and what white Tara was referring to. I hope you are able to be taken into such a bliss as I felt blessings beyond my ability to describe.

“Embraced by the purity of a golden silence and a moment of a flowing joy and the ecstasy summoned by a state of divine bliss.
The mind silenced by the awareness of the heart’s enchanted forest.
Beautiful in its radiance,
Humbling in its magnificence.
The one and only reaction when confronted with the love of one so divine. The mind could only gasp as the soul felt awe,rose to meet the eyes of the true beloved.

Staring deeply into the very eyes of existence incarnate.
Life before me the Alpha and the Omega.
Soaring past and beyond the higher heavens.
Grounding deeply into the core of the one heart.
Dancing joyously through the meeting and the union within the infinite heart.

Now embracing each other in the space of infinite love.
Flowing as one.
Grace seeing eye to eye
Deep being, deep knowing you are as I
Entwined in spirals of absolute truth
Hearts gazing innocently at the pure light as the beloveds commune as one.
In this eternal holy minute, come closer, know me as I am.
I am life eternal
I am love divine
Above all I am as you, as you are as I
Now we are the great I am ! “



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