A message from the depths of my essence


Dear Humanity;

let me start by saying who I am,
I am a being of light,
I am an archangel,
I am a star seed,
I am a being that transcends beyond the levels known to humanity at this present time, I exist even before the thought of creation,
I am a being that comes from the Holy Divine Structure,
I am a being that exist since before the Holy divine Structure,
Above all i am a being that is now happy and proud and with joy in my heart and tears in my eyes i dare say
I am a human being now!

I wish to express my love and my proud feelings towards you all.
You are strong and beautiful.
You persevere where many would fail.
You share love even in times of hardship.
You join together in times when all is left is the unity of your hearts.
You love each other when needed, you help each other when there seems to be no hope.

You are all the pure embodiment of love itself and although at times you feel separate and tend to disagree with each other, you all share a common bond which is the need to live a peaceful happy life.

You are all so beautiful and have so much to give and to teach us.
When life seems unbearable you all rise to the occasion and share the bond of unity unlike any other being in creation. I dare say this because even though you feel isolated from the all you still master the fortitude and the love to help your fellow beings when they are in need.

You give light where there is no light, and you give hope where there is no hope.
Above all you give love, and you love without reservation and with the ultimate passion that falls second only to the passion of the Divine Creator.
You are our hope, and our guiding beacons.
You grow with such speed even in the face of destruction.
You praise to the Allmighty even when it seems he is no longer there to help.
You have an innate understanding even in your feelings of being separate that Creator is always part of you.

How I love you all and the strength you give us all from the highest of the highest all the way down here to my human self, i love you so deeply that i promise to always do my absolute best to anchor as much light as my human form can master.
I will share all the goodness of my heart and all the knowledge and love of my soul from now until the day We all transcend to our beautiful home in the fold of love itself.
I love you because you are all so beautiful in your uniqueness and you are all shining beautiful stars in my eyes and in the deepest recesses of my essence.
I love you, I love you , I LOVE YOU!

Jose as one with all that I am.


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