My loving heart meets My loving soul


I am now sharing and describing simply and humbly a beautiful transformation that took place.
This transformation allowed me to feel a love so deep so beautiful that it is beyond words.
I love you All.

How does one describe the feeling of absolute love?
Such a feeling and such a way of existing can not be described as it is indescribable and the closest that the sages came to comparing it was to the thousand petal lotus and even that comparison pales to the actual state of bliss and of being ness when one is submerged in it and as one.

It is in that state when unity becomes real and separation is only a far memory of an illusion really well played.
Suspended within infinity and reaching far beyond existence the knowing of being home is now experienced and truly felt.
It is as if the prodigal son has come back to reclaim his inheritance in order to go back and once again use it this time with wisdom and with love as the understanding comes through as the loving father opens his arms unconditionally and with joy in his heart for only he understands the journey of the one that was out there experiencing the vastness of the universe and loves this traveler as much as the one son who stayed behind as they both served a purpose of balance.

Mere words touch only the surface and yet an image is needed to allow others to follow the path of absolute love and eventually the vision and that image ingrains in the heart reaching and touching the soul thus allowing the soul to awaken and to merge back with the personality.
It is then that true love is felt deeply as the personality recognizes and understands that it is part of a greater whole.
It is at that moment that tears of joy stream down from the reconciliation of an unreal separation.
Perspective turns to wisdom and wisdom is given to inner sight together unfolding the one loving heart.
Heart and soul being, loving in unison separation no more.
Only existence in perfect suspended animation connected to the All.
I am love, I am soul, I am spirit, I am, I am.


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